Diet Philip Kirkorov: protein-grapefruit and tangerine diet for weight loss

Philip Kirkorov pays great attention to his appearance, this is understandable, a person applying for the "position" of the king of the stage must look like a king. That in our time, when excessive fullness is associated with the disease, necessarily involves a taut slender figure.

Like many pop stars, the singer at one time tried to lose weight even with the help of Thai pills.

To maintain weight at normal Philip practicing dietary restrictions (in accordance with the recommendations of the "star" nutritionist Margarita Queen) and short-term fasting diets.

Protein-grapefruit diet

One of these diets, the authorship of which is attributed to Kirkorov – protein-grapefruit diet. She is one of the options egg diet.

Observe such a diet can not be more than 3-5 days, during this time you can lose weight by 4-5 kg. The diet is effective, but tough enough to withstand it is not easy. Be sure to drink a lot of water, relax, walk, useful water treatments.

On this diet can be there is only grapefruit and egg white. From the yolk, which contains a large amount of cholesterol, will have to give up.

    The Combination of eggs and grapefruit is an excellent natural protein-vitamin complex with low fat content and caloric content. A large amount of vitamin C in grapefruit will help support the immune system.

Menu protein-grapefruit diet from Philip Kirkorov:

  • after waking up to drink a glass of water,
  • then eat one protein eggs,
  • after an hour on a grapefruit,
  • an hour later – egg whites, etc.

Total daily diet – 5 proteins and 5 grapefruits, plus 2-3 liters of water, sometimes you can drink green tea.

Kirkorov's Tangerine diet

Another diet that uses the book is based on the use of a large number of mandarins.
About the benefits tangerines said a lot. And even the aroma of these fruits can to cheer up, to support during rather rigid fasting days.

Three days of such fasting diets allow Philip to lose 1-2 lbs. On a diet can not sit down more often than once a month.

Mandarin diet Menu for the day:

  • Breakfast – a Cup of natural coffee or tea with a spoon of sugar (honey),
  • second Breakfast – boiled egg, 4 tangerines,
  • lunch – 120 grams of low-fat boiled meat without salt (if you prefer poultry meat, remove the skin), a plate of sauerkraut,
  • afternoon snack – boiled egg, 4 tangerines,
  • dinner (no later than 18 hours) – 120 grams of lean boiled meat without salt, a plate of sauerkraut.

Be Sure to drink a lot during the diet waters.

Warning: diet with diet large number of citrus, contraindicated in ulcers, high acidity gastritis and some other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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