Diet Ornish

diet Type: low calorie

Refers to diets aimed at both weight loss and prevention of diabetes and heart disease, low blood pressure and cholesterol, prevention of prostatitis and breast cancer.


The Ornish Diet was created by Dan Ornish, Professor of medicine at the University of California. It is designed to regulate your diet, to help cope with stress and emotional state, which, in turn, leads to the achievement of any goal – from weight loss to the prevention of chronic diseases.

As for nutrition, Ornish divides food into five groups from the healthiest (group 1) to the most harmful (group 5). This is the difference, for example, between whole-grain loaves and cakes, soy hot dogs and beef or pork. Make a list of products that you use normally, and change it as you see fit in accordance with the distribution into groups.

Exercises: Ornish focuses on aerobic training, flexibility and stretching exercises. To cope with stress (very important point theory Ornish) refer to breathing exercises (deep breath), meditation and yoga.

Also the Creator of the diet believes that the time spent with the people you care about will greatly improve your physical and emotional state.

Approximate menu for the day:

You make your own menu, guided by the list of products that can be found in the book of Ornish "Spectrum", depending on your goals. But here sample menu for the day if you want to follow this diet as part of a healthy lifestyle:


100 g berries – blueberries, strawberries or raspberries;

125 ml. skim milk;

Scrambled eggs with vegetables 2 eggs (without the yolks).


300 ml. tomato soup;

400 g. Asian pasta salad with 5th shrimp;

1 slice of peach pie with a whole wheat crust.

For snacks:

56 g dark chocolate;

3 apricots;

10 almond seeds;

120 ml of nonfat yogurt.


90 g salmon;

300 g lettuce salad with honey, spices and olive oil dressing;

350 g of corn salad, black beans and tomatoes;

200 g peach pudding;

A Glass of wine or water.

Questions and answers on diet Ornish:

will you lose Weight?

There are different degrees and subspecies of diet. Choose the one that for weight loss. But in General, if you exercise regularly and stick to a menu made up of products belonging to the three most "healthy" food groups, it is difficult not to lose weight.

Can this diet reduce the risk of diabetes?

It Is likely.

is There a health hazard?

No. But when making changes to the diet is better to consult with doctor.


Yes. If you follow a diet, it is important to feel full, so you do not want to eat more than necessary. In the diet of Ornish a large number of fibers from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, they should create a feeling of satiety.


This depends on you – after all it you pick up themselves.

is it Expensive?

If you choose the best products, Yes: fish and whole grains are not very cheap. The book-guide "Spectrum" can be borrowed from the library or borrow from friends. If you want to buy it, the price will depend on the bookstore.

does the diet take into Account your individual tastes?


If you also adhere to other dietary restrictions based on religious, ethical or medical prescriptions, the Ornish diet may be combined with the following: them:

– vegetarianism/veganism;

– gluten-free diet;

– reduced amount of salt (but carefully read the ingredients);

– kosher and Halal food.

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