Diet of diabetes 2 type – rules, recommendations on dietary nutrition

Diabetes, unfortunately, is a very common disease today. How to prevent the development of the disease? The answer is one: you just need time to change your lifestyle. But at the same time there is absolutely no need to deny yourself everything. Of course, the diet of type 2 diabetes has some limitations, but this does not mean that you need to finally forget about your favorite products. So how to eat with diabetes 2 like?

Keep the disease under control

So, you diabetic? Of course, such a diagnosis is quite scary to hear, because the most important thing that a person has is his health. Do not feel absolutely sick, but do not also miss the advice of the doctor. An experienced physician will advise you to lose weight. Diet in type 2 diabetes – a diet that does not lead a person to despondency, does not require constant measurement of proportions, counting calories and the construction of hard graphics power.

To control your health and weight it is necessary, of course, to perform a variety of physical exercises. However, the foods consumed for Breakfast, lunch and dinner are of the utmost importance for body weight control.

That can be, and what cannot be?

What should be the menu for type 2 diabetics with overweight? Diet will require only a restriction in high-calorie food and products, raising the blood glucose level.

High-calorie products include:

  • both butter and vegetable oil;
  • mayonnaise any fat content;
  • greasy and non-greasy sour cream;
  • margarine;
  • sausage and other sausages;
  • belly bacon and lard;
  • smoked;
  • any fatty fish and meat;
  • offal from birds and animals;
  • too fat cottage cheese and hard cheeses.

Products that increase the sugar content in the body:

  • directly sugar;
  • chocolate and various confectionery of the product;
  • honey;
  • any jam;
  • a variety of dried fruits;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • juices;
  • bread kvass.

To prevail in such a diet should:

  • lean fish and meat;
  • dairy products (but only fat-free);
  • raw or steamed vegetables in unlimited quantity (except potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, turnips, beets, tomatoes, radishes and greens – these vegetables need to eat a little);
  • beans, as it contains a large amount of dietary fiber, and they reduce the level of sugar and lipids in the blood;
  • apples, they are rich in pectin, which cleanses the blood;
  • drinks made on the basis of non-calorie sweeteners.

By the way, diet diabetes type 2 at day and week allows the patient to diversify their menu, eat every day for Breakfast, lunch and dinner a variety of low-calorie dishes.

Incidentally, in any case, those who suffers from such a disease, as diabetes 2 type, diet is intended "alcohol-free." Small doses occasionally, of course, are acceptable, but they should not be abused. First, alcoholic beverages are a source of extra calories. Second, taking hypoglycemic drugs in conjunction with alcohol it can provoke an excessive decrease in blood glucose levels, which can be deadly to life.

Well, and that diet will help the patient feel a lot better you can have no doubt. Most importantly, do not forget what you can eat, and what dishes are strictly prohibited.

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