Diet number 8 (table number 8) in obesity,? sample menu for weight loss, reviews

diet table 8Diet # 8 (table number Eight) – diet, developed by Soviet nutritionist Mikhail Pevzner for the treatment of patients with obesity. Do not be confused by the "antiquity" of this weight loss plan. Since the 50s of the last century, nothing fundamentally new about getting rid of body fat has not been discovered. You consume fewer calories than you spend during the day – weight decreases, on the contrary – increases.


Diet table № 8: what is impossible
Diet obesity table # 8: how to eat

"Eighth" diet is very successfully used in clinical practice treatment obesity in the absence of diseases of the digestive system, and in the process of self-weight loss. And modern steamers, crock pots and microwave ovens can turn a meal diet in these tasty meals.
Diet № 8

Diet table № 8: what is impossible

Treatment table 8 is based on a simple principle – that adjust the diet, it should be excluded from the whole "ballast". Like most systems developed in the last century, it does not take into account the psychological attachment of a person to a particular type of food, but simply offers to part with too high-calorie and rich in simple carbohydrates and harmful fats products willpower. So, if you are prescribed a diet table 8, prohibited:

  • Bacon, sausages, fatty pork, lamb, any sausages except doctor's or beef sausages 1-2 times a week;
  • Baking of white flour, butter and puff pastry, "white" rice and pasta, semolina, any porridge with milk with a lot of butter, "semi-finished" soups, dumplings, cutlets,semi-finished products;
  • Ice cream, prepared dairy desserts, cottage cheese mixture, fatty yoghurt and cheese, sweet yogurt, fermented baked milk, baked milk, any pastry, honey, raisins, sugar, chocolate in particular, and diabetic;
  • Salty cheeses, salty fish, eggs, sandwich spread, mayonnaise and prepared sauces that contain fat;
  • Pickles and marinades, (salted and pickled vegetables are permitted limited).
  • Sweet juices, cocoa.

Mikhail Pevzner believed, that spices only fuel appetite, so he tolerated only use fennel, parsley and Basil, and here is red pepper, curry, turmeric has proposed to exclude from the diet completely. Modern nutritionists believe that with adequate protein content in the diet, you can eat spices without much risk.
Excluded completely at the time of weight loss any alcohol.


Diet obesity table # 8: how to eat

First of all you need to study the list allowed diet №8 products, and make your diet out of it:

  • Vegetable oil – 2 h spoons a day;
  • Vegetables – any, pickled and canned – limited, part of vegetables – eat in raw the form of. Recommended: cabbage, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, zucchini, pumpkin, greens. Potatoes limit 1-2 things boiled in vegetable soups. You can eat sauerkraut, cook vinaigrettes and snacks with it, but you should wash it very carefully. Beets and boiled carrots, green peas can be eaten no more than 200 g per day;
  • Soups – on vegetable or chicken broth, any, except noodles. Do not fry the vegetables for the soup, the visible fat should be removed. A portion of the soup – no more than 200 ml per day, milk soups are prohibited;
  • Meat and fish – all varieties low-fat, portion – 200g, cook it, just boil, stew, bake; seafood;
  • Fruits – any, except figs, mango, banana. Unsweetened apples, fresh pears, berries are preferable. In winter, you can use frozen options, but do not add sugar;
  • Cereals – only buckwheat, barley and millet, cook on water, and do not eat more than 200 g of porridge a day;
  • Eggs – 1-2 pieces a day, hard boiled, omelettes.
  • cottage Cheese, milk, yogurt, kefir – only low-fat or low-fat; sour cream and low-fat cheese varieties – limited;
  • Sauces: tomato, white with vegetables, weak mushroom; vinegar can be used.
  • Tea, coffee. Juices fruit, berries, vegetables maloletka.
  • Bread flour wholemeal bread bran – 100g a day.
    It is necessary to observe a varied diet, and do not forget that you need to eat 2 servings of protein dishes and 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day.

Sample diet menu #8

  • Breakfast: 200 g of Apple and carrot salad, 150 g of cottage cheese (up to 9%).
  • Snack: large Apple, can be baked, but without sugar and honey.
  • Lunch: half a serving of vegetable borscht or cabbage soup, stewed cabbage, plus 150 g of boiled meat or fish. For dessert you can drink compote of dried fruits, but no added sugar.
  • Snack: cottage cheese with kefir or milk, no more than 200 g.
  • Dinner: boiled fish or seafood, salad of non-starchy vegetables.
  • At night (if needed) 1 Cup of yogurt.

By and large, on this "template" can be draft its menu, reducing or a bit increasing the size of the helpings. Diet № 8 can be "strengthened" by replacing the morning salad with porridge on the water, or adding 1 baked potato for lunch. Try not to add carbs to your afternoon tea and dinner and you will lose weight it is due to the loss of body fat.
Diet № 8
The classic diet for obesity involves the use of sugar substitutes like aspartame, but today scientists do not recommend their use, as they are able to increase appetite. "Cheating days" diet is not provided, when will "plateau" by M. Pevzner recommended their patients applesauce, cottage cheese or kefir-curd fasting days.

Today we have wider opportunities, and can combine diet table №8 with fitness classes. A big plus of this food that you can play sports, and do not suffer from hunger, because the diet is full of protein and fiber. It will be ideal if you add 2 weight training for weight loss on all muscle groups, and 2-3 hours aerobic training like dancing or swimming. So you not only burn fat, but also strengthen the muscles, and really "unwind" metabolism.=

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