Diet Natalia Rudova: how to lose weight irrevocably at 12 kg per month

Natalia Rudova is not only a talented actress, but also a beautiful woman with an impeccable figure. Many attribute this to good genetics, but the actress claims that she is making a lot of effort to maintain perfect shape.

Once Natalia was a true fatty. However, her diet has helped their own development. For a month she managed to lose 12 kg of excess weights!

The Essence of diet

Diet Natalia's Employment does not involve sharp a change in diet and hard limits, as they enter the body in stress and can trigger food breakdown. Most of the usual products remain in the diet, but in small quantities. The exceptions are fatty dairy products, red meat and alcohol.

But macramalla vegetables can be eaten without restriction. This is explained by the fact that they have a minimum caloric content, but contain a lot of fiber, which quenches hunger for a long time.

Recommended products and cooking methods

The Basis of the diet should be:

  • Macramalla vegetables (per day you should eat at least 800 gr);
  • Porridge (oatmeal or buckwheat) without milk, butter and sugar;
  • Fresh fruit (especially citrus);
  • Dietary meats (chicken breast, Turkey, etc.) and marine fish;
  • low-fat Dairy products;
  • whole Grain bread (no more than one slice per day).

Vegetables can be stewed or cannabis in the form of salad, but without sour cream and mayonnaise. For refueling it is better to prepare a sauce of olive oil, lemon juice and favorite spices.

Frying products is prohibited. You can bake in the oven, cook, stew or stew.

Sample menu

Immediately after waking up, the actress drinks a glass of water at room temperature. To enhance the positive effect, you can add a little honey, cinnamon, grated ginger or a slice of lemon to the water. About an hour after waking up you need to have Breakfast.

Breakfast: porridge on the water or scrambled eggs with tomatoes + grapefruit

Lunch: baked chicken breast + vegetable salad

Dinner: low-fat yogurt + vegetable slicing

The Last meal must be at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Unloading and "the boot" days Natalia Employment

About once a week Natalia arranges itself fasting day on yogurt, soup or fresh cucumbers. Sometimes Rudova combines these products, but strictly sees to it that the body did not get extra calories.

Also, about every 10 days, the actress gives himself to relax, setting up "the boot" day. She can treat herself to chocolate or a piece of cake with jam. However, Natalia always comply with the measure.

Diet Results

Only a month of dieting, you can lose up to 12 kg! This is evidenced by the numerous photos postroynevshaya Natalia.

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In addition, such a system of nutrition has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the condition of the skin, hair and nails. The actress herself claims that this diet is easy to get used to. Most importantly, make it through the first week!

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