Diet minus 7 kg per week

Diet minus 7 kg per weekAccording to the recommendations of nutritionists, you can lose about 4 kg per week, but there are situations when you need to lose weight urgently and as soon as possible. Then comes to the aid of a diet minus 7 kg for 7 days, and if there is a desire to evenly lose weight, you can use another version of the diet – minus 7 kg per month.

Diet minus 7 kg for week and its basic principles

In such a short time is difficult enough to lose a lot of weight, you have to try, especially if there is a desire not to harm their health. And such a diet consists in a combination of vegetables and kefir. Dishes are either baked or boiled, both in water and steamed.

Thanks to this useful combination and method of preparation, the body gets the maximum possible nutrients and does not suffer from a lack of vitamins and microelements'. There are a lot of allowed products, so the feeling of hunger will not be an obsession. This diet is a combination of fasting days. If there are no specific diseases and contraindications, the diet of 7 kg for 7 days can be repeated every month.

a staple food for every day – half a liter of yogurt. This volume you drink in combination with different products, different every day. For example:

• On Monday – boiled chicken breast.
• Tuesday – baked potatoes.
• Wednesday – variety of fruits (allowed any, except high-calorie grapes and bananas).
• Thursday – boiled in their skins.
• Friday – fruit.
• Saturday – one and a half liters of mineral water (kefir is not consumed on this day).
• Sunday – fruits.

On the basis of fruits and kefir, you can prepare a variety of cocktails that diversify the menu and make the diet not so monotonous. The drink can be added to one spoonful of honey. There is no clear diet, you can change the days at your discretion, also allowed to use dried fruits, which also makes it possible to experiment with the diet.

Another feature of this diet is that you need to break your daily menu into 6 meals, keep this in mind.

The diet also has its own characteristics – in the first few days shouldn't burden the digestive tract, eat low-fat boiled meat, baked vegetables and light soups.

After ending the diets 7 kg for week is possible set of one-two kilograms, but the result will return in for several days. Diet minus 7, reviews of which are positive, is quite simple and does not cause significant harm organism.

Diet minus 7 kg for month

To Lose 7 kg in a month is enough really, and without much loss for the body. Almost any diet makes it possible to get such a result. The main difficulty – to stay on a diet all this month and not to break. To do this, the diet minus 7 kg per month should be balanced and not "hungry", because you have to perform all your duties – to work, communicate with friends and perform their other duties, and it all takes power.

This diet involves a combination of protein and vegetable days. Despite the rather high level of nutrients, it is necessary to take multivitamins.

Subject to this diet should exclude sugary and carbonated drinks, alcohol, sweets and pastries, pasta.

At the beginning of every 10 days of the diet (1-2 days, 11-12 and 21-22 days), special fasting days should be observed, in which allowed to eat 1-2 liters of milk or dairy products, 1 Cup of tomato juice or a couple of tomatoes, 2 pieces of black bread.

After fasting days should be two days of protein foods when allowed coffee with milk, bread with butter, half a teaspoon of honey, broth, boiled meat or fish, milk, tea, 2 eggs and 50 grams of cheese, and a glass of kefir.
Then there are fruit days. At this time, you can eat 4 apples, 4 bananas, vegetable soup or salad (for example, vinaigrette), bread and tea with honey.

Protein and vegetable days alternate, alternating unloading. Diet minus 7 kg per month has very good reviews, as it allows you to smoothly and without much difficulty to reduce the weight to the desired.

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