Diet Minus 60 Catherine Mirimanova for weight loss, reviews, menu

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Diet Minus 60 based on personal experience Mirimanova Catherine, who was able to lose weight from 120 kg to 60 in 18 months, creating their food system. Why this diet has become popular? Its main advantage is that you do not have to give up from favorite products. Everyone can "sharpen" the rules of the diet under itself.


1. The diet of Minus 60: the basic rules
2. Products for diet Minus 60
3. Menu for each day on a diet Minus 60
4. Recipes for cooking on a diet Minus 60
5. Diet Minus – a system that determines your lifestyle
6. System Minus 60: reviews and results of weight loss
7. How to eat on a diet of Minus 60: sample menu for a few days
8. Physical activity on the diet of Catherine Mirimanova
9. Pay attention to the skin
10. Psychological preparation for diet
11. Diet Minus 60 for weight loss and maintain weight

Diet Minus 60: basic rules

Diet Minus 60 is not just a diet, but a whole system of lifestyle correction. It includes several directions:

  • power system
  • physical activity
  • psychological attitudes

The First stage of the diet Minus 60 – the right mental attitude. For business success you need first decide what you need this system for. Formulate for yourself the goals you want to achieve. Then find out the opinion of already thinner, their reviews will help you tune in the right way.

Decide what kind of physical activity is available to you. It is best if it will be sports. But if the sport does not suit you – it's okay. Normal morning exercises are also a good option. If you are contraindicated because of health problems you any exercise, do not worry. Lose weight on a diet of Minus 60 can be in your case, it just happens slower. However, do not forget about daily walks and generally try to walk as much as possible.

The Actual power system on a diet Minus 60 does not involve any stringent restrictions permitted products. There is also no fixed term diet. You will in no case need to rape yourself, trying to eat any specially designed "low-calorie" or "dietary" dish. You can eat everything in principle. The only iron rule – strictly adhere to the schedule, dictating what time of day you will need to eat.

It is Recommended that three main meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want to eat at an inopportune time, it is better to have a little "snack" to a single portion was small in volume. For snacks light foods are recommended, better fruits or vegetables.

  • for Breakfast you have up to 12 hours a day, that is, in the first 6 hours after awakening. What you will eat is absolutely not important, there are no restrictions for Breakfast. But try to eat as tightly as possible, because this morning meal in the diet Minus 60 is considered the main
  • lunch Time – from 12 to 15 PM. Lunch should be hearty, but "the right" – prepared from certain products. Diet 60 has recipes for lunch, allowing you to diversify the menu, including cooking for the whole family, not just yourself separately
  • In the afternoon, the food becomes separate and very light. Heavy for digestion products in this time days already banned
  • Dinner also applies to the main meals, but it should be at the latest 18 hours (20:00 – for "owls") and the most easy
  • diet Catherine Mirimanova, there are 5 options for dinner, and you have daily choose any of them
  • After 18.00 nutrition fully is excluded
  • Fasting days of any type in diet Minus 60 are prohibited entirely. Your body is already under stress, so additional stress in the form of a fasting day can only bring you harm

Foods for diet Minus 60

Restrictions on the products in whole diet Catherine Mirimanova virtually no. You are allowed to use:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Mushrooms
  • Legumes
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products (fat content up to 5%)
  • Cereals (rice, buckwheat, corn)
  • Pasta (from durum wheat)
  • Rice and buckwheat noodles

As you can see, almost all product groups are allowed. However, during the day you will be guided by the list of products divided into groups for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sometimes diets allow you to take an unlimited amount of fruit. The author of the diet Catherine Mirimanova also recommends the size of the fruit servings to limit.

It is recommended to drink as much Water as you want. Drinking lots of water, raping yourself, no. needs. But the water should be clean and preferably non-carbonated. It will not have a big impact on getting rid of excess weight.
In relation to salt tip one – do not overdo.

the diet of minus 60: menu in the tables: table 1
Tea, coffee and even alcohol are not prohibited. It is best to replace our usual sugar with brown sugar or fructose, which are more useful and better absorbed by our body. Wine is better to choose dry.

Diet "Minus 60" Catherine Mirimanova involves a mandatory Breakfast.

  • you can't ignore the Breakfast. It can be reduced to a small slice of rye bread or cheese.

Sweet well permissible, but only until the mid-days. It is necessary to abandon the use of milk chocolate in favor of bitter. Gradually this will become habitual and sweet will cease beckon. The same applies to white bread, which is also allowed only up to 12 hours. Then you can eat only rye, but it is better to do without bread. Until the middle of the day, there is no need to limit yourself, in this regard, the system for weight loss 60 is democratic. The digestive system works best before lunch. In addition, during this period, the appetite is not very strong.

diet minus 60: menu in tables: table 2
The best side dish is buckwheat or rice. The ideal option is brown rice, containing a large set of nutrients and taste appropriate our usual rice. It is necessary to minimize the intake of pasta and potatoes. The method of preparation of the garnish does not matter, it is only necessary to abandon the frying in favor of cooking, stewing or sautéing. From the diet it is desirable to exclude the sour cream and mayonnaise, especially when it is impossible to refuse from fried foods. That is, choose one or the other option of using high-calorie foods that are still used in the diet of Catherine Mirimanova minus 60.

Combination of meat and potatoes it is strongly recommended to exclude from the diet. Much high-calorie foods and Minus 60 diet – incompatible.

  • in the Evening it is advisable not to eat after 18 hours. However, this requirement is not too strict. If you have to eat dinner at 20 o'clock, you need to choose something light – yogurt, vegetables, etc. However, late dinners should not become a system. Gradually, dinner to 18 hours will become a habit and evening hunger disappears.

diet minus 60: menu in tables: table 3
Fasting days especially hungry days do not benefit, only subjecting the body to unnecessary stress and disturbing the normal power mode. In this regard, the diet minus 60 is considered to be gentle.


The Menu for each day diet system Minus 60


During Breakfast you are allowed absolutely That's all. There are no restrictions. Prepare the dishes you want. Just remember the amount of salt and sugar. There are no other prohibitions here. A good Breakfast will prevent the possibility of hungry pain, and you will not be difficult to stay in good shape until the end of the day.


Meals prepared for lunch should be either boiled or steamed. Try not to get carried away with hot. To the list of products for lunch include:

  • Meat
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Sausage
  • Sausages
  • jelly
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Any vegetables. Special attention should be paid only to potatoes. If you cook in broth, the potatoes should not be added
  • Mushrooms
  • Corn and green peas fresh or frozen
  • Any fruits
  • Pasta, but without meat delicacies to them
  • Rice and rice noodles
  • Buckwheat
  • Milk and fermented milk drinks
  • Green tea
  • Coffee without sugar

Dinner Menu is more limited, but at the same time has more choice. This contradiction is due to the fact that your choice of 5 sets of products. And you can only use one of them. But it makes everyone dinner is special.

Option # 1:
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Plums
  • Several slices of watermelon
  • Milk or dairy products, except cheese and yoghurts with additives
Option # 2:
  • Any vegetables, except banned for private dinner
  • Milk or dairy products, except cheese and yoghurts with additives
Option No. 3:
  • Meat, except sausages and ham
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Seafood, except crab sticks
  • Fish, except canned
  • Eggs
  • Broth without fat no more than 100%
  • Aspic, aspic
Option # 4:
  • Buckwheat
  • Rice in addition to white-sanded
  • Any vegetables, except banned for private dinner
Option No. 5:
  • Dairy and dairy products, except yoghurts with additives
  • cottage Cheese
  • Cheese any up to 50 g
  • Rye crackers
For dinner, you can not eat vegetables such as:
  • Potatoes
  • All legumes (peas, beans, beans, lentils)
  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkin
  • Eggplant
  • Corn
  • Avocado
  • Yam

Also not good enough for any dinner of pickles and marinades. Excluded at this time and very difficult to digest smoked.

Red dry wine can be drunk no more than 2 glasses per day. Tea, coffee, juices and mineral water should be consumed in any quantity without any restrictions. Fermented milk product you can mix with fruit in a blender and prepare cocktails.
Fried foods, try to cook less often. Do not give up completely fried, but try to focus on cooked or steamed dishes. If you decide to fry something, then use a minimum of oil or do not use it at all, if possible.

Diet minus 60: menu for the week, table

How to eat on a diet Minus 60: approximate menu for a few days

So, we begin to eat properly.
After waking up, drink small SIPS a glass of hot water (80-90 ° C). Breakfast eat sweet milk porridge, drink tea, you can eat a piece of bread and treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate. Later snack can be and yogurt. In lunch eat vegetable soup, the second – chicken cutlet, drink a Cup of green tea, adding a spoonful of honey. Dinner can be easy vegetable salad, unsweetened tea, can be eat cube cheese or Apple. Drink a glass of dry red wine with dinner. Not hungry the first day on the system Minus 60 is passed, and the recipes were varied.

Next day start with hot water, and Breakfast prepare mashed potatoes, baked chicken, white bread, coffee. An hour after Breakfast drink a glass of juice. Stewed vegetable stew (not add potatoes) with a piece of meat or fish and compote will fit for lunch. You do not need to limit yourself. For dinner prepare cheesecake. Drink a Cup of tea or coffee (without milk). Later you can eat pear.

Missed your eggs and sausage sandwich? On the third day eat them Breakfast, drink sweet tea. Snack banana. Because meat and potatoes to combine cannot be, then for lunch prepare meat soup without potatoes, eat fruit salad, drink juice. Dinner can be cottage cheese, adding in him fresh fruits. Unsweetened tea or juice, a little later – peach.

On system Minus 60 to experiment with recipes can be every day, with be preparing not only for themselves, but and for the entire family. This feeding system is perfect for breastfeeding, and many dishes are useful for children and like them.

Recipes for cooking on a diet Minus 60

Once you are comfortable with the minus 60 diet, you will start to make recipes yourself based on your favorite foods. We will provide you have some interesting and tasty options to start with.

Chicken fillet with rice and vegetables for lunch

Hawaiian mixture
chicken fillet (150-200 g)
cooking Method:
Boil chicken fillet for 20 minutes after boiling. Unparliamentary. Place the Hawaiian mixture in a microwave oven, add 2 tablespoons of water, and cover. Cook on maximum power for 7-8 minutes.Chicken fillet cut and add to vegetables. A little salt and pepper. Put it in the microwave for another minute.

Coffee casserole for dinner

cottage cheese (200 g)
2-4 plums
ground coffee – 1 tsp
cooking Method:
All but prunes, mix and beat with a mixer. Put 1/3 of the whole mass into the mold and add the prunes. Stir with a spoon or leave like the filling between the layers as you like. Then pour the remaining mass and sprinkle with coffee. Put in the oven at 180-200 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Pickle for lunch

beef boiled or chicken hearts
rice cooked to half-readiness
meat broth
Fashion preparations:
Chop onions, carrots, celery and stew them on low heat until soft, add chicken hearts or sliced beef. In a separate bowl bring to a boil chopped cucumbers in brine. Cook for 2 minutes and add to vegetables and hearts. Add rice and stir. Pour the broth, bring to a boil and cook until cooked rice. Add the chopped herbs and garlic a minute before it is ready. Serve with sour cream.

Dumplings from rice flour with cabbage for dinner

rice flour – 400 g
water -150 ml
egg-1 PC.
salt -10 g
cabbage – 450 g
carrots – 200 g
cooking Method:
Chop cabbage and carrots, stew or fry them without oil until half-cooked. Add the egg and rice flour, knead the dough. Pour water into the dough to make it too steep. Form dumplings and boil them in salted water.

Vegetable casserole with chicken breast for lunch

frozen vegetables – green beans, bell peppers, beans, cauliflower
chicken Breasts (cut into pieces)
grated cheese
cooking Method:
Put the vegetables and breast on a baking sheet, add salt, pepper and crushed garlic. Put in the oven for 50-60 minutes at 180-200 degrees. Then remove, sprinkle with cheese and cover with foil. Send back to the oven for another 3 minutes.

Zucchini rolls and carrots with cottage cheese filling for dinner

fat-free cottage cheese
cooking Method:
Cut zucchini and carrots into strips 5 mm thick. Add salt and put in oven for 30 minutes. Then mix the greens with cottage cheese for the filling. Spread the filling on the baked strips of vegetables and wrap in rolls.

Diet Minus 60 – it is a system that determines your way of life

Physical activity on the diet of Catherine Mirimanova

No diet, not supported by physical activity and sufficient motor activity, will not lead to the desired results. This also applies to the proposed Catherine Miromanovoy diet "Minus 60".

Classes should become daily. Perhaps at first it will be tedious, it is possible to ease the load, but gradually Orient your body to regular, albeit not too tedious, load. No discomfort from classes should arise, as well as fatigue. The duration of classes is selected individually, but it is natural that they are desirable extend.

Home gymnastics should be combined with visits to the fitness club or pool, as well as with active outdoor activities (Cycling, skiing, Hiking, etc.). The program of loads can be made taking into account personal tastes and preferences. The main condition is the need to necessarily accustom the body to the daily load. Gradually, the body will help You understand which exercises or types of load are more effective. That is, focus on your health and consider the basic rules of the diet system minus 60.

Diet of minus 60: the reviews thin

Pay attention to the skin

Given that a diet of minus 60 can achieve a rapid effect in weight loss, the skin requires increased attention. This is especially true for recently confined women and for women in that age, when reduced liposuctionist. By the way, it is from this category of women you can often hear the question how much can you lose weight in a month on the system minus 60.

Do Not neglect all kinds of modern cosmetics that help to maintain the elasticity of the skin, to avoid the formation of stretch marks or wrinkles. All kinds of scrubs and creams in combination with massages will avoid sagging skin and keep a beautiful body for a long time.
Recommended: How to tighten the skin after weight loss

Psychological preparation for diet

Approach to correct psychological preparation should be serious enough. Often it is the right internal settings that become the key to success.

Remember, that the proposed diet Minus 60 should not be punishment for organism. On the contrary, they are called to help him. Having become for You a habitual way of life, it will cease to burden.

In case of breakdowns or accidental overeating (without them not cost no one) should not try to punish themselves, the more, hunger. Just evaluate the causes of failure and try to foresee and prevent such cases.

Diet Minus 60 for weight loss and weight maintenance

It is Noteworthy that the diet Minus 60 is not designed for a specific limited period of time. First, it will help You lose weight, in the future, with its help will be able to keep the right weight.

  • you Can use this diet under pregnancy. Naturally, before you start, you should consult with your doctor. But this should not cause any special problems, because there are no restrictions in the products, in fact
  • you Can sit on diet Minus 60 and during breast-feeding. In your body will receive all the nutrients, so that the child is not in danger
  • yoga and exercise are recommended During the diet. aerobics. It is also recommended to take walks in the fresh air
  • the Use of vitamins is a mandatory item in the diet. No matter how carefully you build your menu, there is always a chance to lose sight of something. So that vitamin installations will help you partly forget about this problem
  • Permitted any sweets, except chocolate. If you really want to eat chocolate, then buy bitter varieties. Important point: eat sweet only for Breakfast. Lunch and dinner on the system "minus 60" does not include any sweets
  • the Amount of water is unlimited. If you think that 2 liters a day is not enough, then drink more and more until the feeling of saturation
  • salt Intake is not limited, but, nevertheless, try not to make food too salty. The benefit of this will not be any
  • Skip Breakfast cannot be. You can opt out of dinner, but Breakfast is a must. Otherwise you you can provoke hunger pains that will last until the evening
  • No fasting days. Given the fact that your body is not restricted in food, any fasting day will be a strong blow for you
  • in the Evening can afford a couple of glasses of red wine and several slices of cheese
  • If standard three meals a day you little, then you can snack fruits and vegetables. But not after 6 evenings
power System minus 60: menu for the week, reviews

Since the diet of Catherine Mirimanova is quite capable of providing the body with all the necessary nutrients, it is quite acceptable not only for nursing mothers, but even for pregnant women. Diet does not require strict restrictions, and the proposed physical activity is very moderate. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it.

System Minus 60: reviews and results lost weight

Have system Minus 60 reviews for the most part positive. Here are a few women who are on a diet:

  • height 170 cm weight 65 kg 13 kg in 2.5 months
  • After giving birth, and 83 kg weight dropped to 65kg, 18 pounds gone in 3 months (sport is present)
  • during the year, compliance with the system (six months of weight loss and the same maintain weight) left 36 kg

Maria, 28 years old

Tried many diets, both complex and mono. Before you start a diet Minus 60, weighed 108 kg with height 167 cm day diet began with a hearty Breakfast. Food could be anything. All that you can think of – because the diet Minus 60 the body must be satisfied as much as possible in the morning to have enough nutrients until the end of the day. For lunch – porridge and vegetables. Buckwheat, rice, pearl barley – does not matter. Sometimes replaced vegetables with chicken meat. Due to the nature of my work until 6 PM to eat often did not work, so I had to do without dinner. Then to drown out the hunger, buckets of drinking green tea. Six months later, the scales are already showing a total of 78 pounds! 30 kg down, I'm just happy!

Olga, 32 years old

I've always been inclined to obesity. All the women in our family on my grandfather's side were quite plump, so that heredity made itself felt. With its 165 cm in height, weighed a whopping 78 pounds. Health, of course, failed: frequent dizziness, fainting, sometimes there was a rash. Tried several diets, but the results are not achieved. And then came across on the Internet a book about weight loss Catherine Mirimanova and decided to try a diet Minus 60 on yourself. Withstood 2 weeks, lost weight during this time on 6 kg, was happy and immediately threw the diet. But the extra weight did not take long to wait – after a few weeks, the kilograms returned backward. That's when I got angry and went on a diet Minus 60 seriously. A month later I added to my daily schedule and more sports, thanks to this process of weight loss went faster. Breakfast, as expected, was my arbitrary, but with adequate portions. Lunch consisted of rice with meat or buckwheat with vegetables. Dinner was prepared for a choice of 5 options. During strong hunger tried to drink more water. After 9 months of diet I weigh only 56 kg. Minus 22 kg, I think this is a great result!

Elena, 24 years old

Before pregnancy I weighed 75 kg with height 165 cm, was Released from the hospital and began eating even more quickly reached 100 kilograms. For the body it was too much stress, health problems began. Then I realized that the problem needs to be solved urgently. Because after birth, nursing mothers any diet restrictions, I have chosen the system Minus 60. Due to health problems from exercise had to give up completely. I have a sweet tooth, so on a diet every morning ate a delicious cake. At lunch – vegetable salads and steamed meat. The dinner consisted of fruits and vegetables and was necessarily supplemented with green tea. My diet lasted a year, and the result justified the time spent. Gone 40 pounds a year diet, I now weigh less than before childbirth. Health has also improved. I am very glad that I decided to try this system.

Elena, 31 year

The Problem of excess weight always was for me relevant, unfortunately. What kind of diet I have not tried, but the result did not linger for a long time – it was necessary to stop the diet and a couple of months pounds came back. Quite upset, but my friends advised me this diet Minus 60 Catherine Mirimanova. I note – really simple diet, nothing supernatural is not required, the main thing to follow a few simple rules and differentiate their diet. The most important thing is that the diet is gentle – you can quite safely on it to sit almost all the time – I'm doing that for almost a year, the weight has gone and not returned like before. Super-I'm happy with everything!

Yana, 40 years old

This is by far the best system for weight loss. Since my childhood I was quite impressive (from small tank). At one point, when no pants on me no longer fastened (and in fact before fastened completely), I decided to finally lose weight. I was lucky – I immediately stumbled on the system Minus 60. It was my first and last (in the best sense) diet. No wonder this system is called a SYSTEM – it does not cause any discomfort, does not infringe on your legal right to "devour". To twelve days unable to eat anything, but within reasonable limits. In the afternoon you move to something easier. It is easy to do, because not the whole day, damn it, to get drunk. A hearty Breakfast, but a light lunch and dinner – quite feasible mission. In General and a whole initial my weight was 83 kgs at growth of 160 cm Now (it took a year and a half since the start of supply under this scheme) I consistently weigh 52 kilos and the weight does not increase. Diet Minus 60 I recommend!

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