Diet magicians – effective weight loss for everyone. Basic principles of nutrition

Maggie Diet – absolutely simple option for those who want to lose weight. The course is designed for four weeks, during which the body normalizes metabolism, and the extra pounds disappear.

The results of Maggie's diet are simply amazing. Most importantly, abide by the basic rules:

  • drink more water;
  • cook vegetables in clean water without adding any chemical seasoning;
  • do not consume oil and do not use fat;
  • under strong a sense of hunger snack on only vegetable salad, a carrot or cucumber;
  • do fitness to achieve more effect.

Permitted products

For diet Maggi, you need to know the detailed menu, and the correct weight loss in this case is provided. So, here is this list:

  • eggs;
  • low-fat cottage cheese (not for good reason call a diet Maggie curd);
  • boiled meat;
  • fresh fruits – apples, oranges, peaches, watermelons, tangerines, melons;
  • vegetables – beans, eggplant, carrot, garlic, cucumbers;
  • tea;
  • salt.

Products that cannot be consumed

Week on diet Maggie is aged quite easily, not though, that from some products will have to backtrack, namely from:

  • dates, bananas, grapes, figs;
  • oils and any fats;
  • broths;
  • sugar;
  • mayonnaise;
  • alcoholic beverages (even from dietary white wine);
  • cigarettes.

Detailed menu

Diet Maggie, detailed regulation to which suggests, that to follow it at all is not difficult, it has a pretty "tasty" menu that allows you to achieve quick and very noticeable results. After completing the course of Maggie's diet for 2 weeks, people will see a wonderful effect.

And we should start here. On the first day of the Sutra, you can eat half of any citrus and a couple of boiled eggs, for lunch – allowed fruits (but only one type), for dinner – boiled meat or minced meat without fat. On the second day, Breakfast will be the same as the day before, for lunch you can eat boiled or baked chicken without skin, for dinner – a couple of boiled eggs, vegetable salad, orange and toast.

Very good reviews about this diet. Observing all the rules of this diet, people lose from seven to twenty pounds with such an amount of excess weight.

But do not forget that, deciding on such a diet, you need to be sure that the body is not allergic.

Of Course, the same type of Breakfast can be a bit frustrating for diversity lovers in food. However, eggs and citrus in the morning habit occurs very quickly. Completely from fried food, by the way, do not necessarily give up (sometimes you can afford a little fried meat), but still to achieve ideal results it is better to stay on boiled, stewed or baked meat.

Applies such a diet, typically, in those cases, when an extra $ kilograms too many. The effect will be obvious. If the excess weight is not more than 5 kg, do not it is necessary to "strain", because you can choose something easier. And do not forget about the additional physical activity.

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