Diet Ladder, reviews and results, weight loss menu

are You tired of the monotonous diet and prolonged hunger strikes, but did not lose weight? "ABC Diet" recommends a diet "Ladder" with which you playfully lose 5-10 kg in less than a week!


Day 1 th – the first fist – cleansing (minus 1-2 kg)
Day 2 – stage two – recovery (minus 1.5 kg)
Day 3-th – the third stage – replenishment of energy resources (minus 1.5-2 kg)
Day 4 th- the fourth stage – construction (minus 1-1. 5 kg)
Day 5-th – the fifth stage – the burning of body fat (minus 1-2. 5 kg)

At the Beginning of the diet, the body gets rid of excess water and toxins, then slowly melts and the fat layer. In addition, carefully selected and a balanced 5-day diet helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract, face skin becomes more rosy, toned and supple, overall well-being is greatly improved.

Every day symbolizes a new step of the ladder, a new stage that performs a well-established function: cleaning, recovery, energy, construction and burning. You can not jump over the steps and eat products from the menu of other days. Pledge successful weight loss is an accurate adherence to the established diet.

Diet Ladder: menu for 5 days, reviews
  • On the first day the body is maximally purified, thanks to the absorbent activated carbon action. You can lose up to 2 kilograms of excess water and slag.
  • the Second stage is designed to restore strength, prepare the body for the active dropping of fat, to establish digestion. It will take up to one and a half kilogram.
  • the Third stage will fill you with energy and vitality. In this case, you will lose another 2 pounds.
  • the Diet of the fourth day will increase glycogenic reserve and lose one and a half kilograms.
  • And finally, the fifth stage will occur maximize fat burning weight up to two pounds. This contributes to the natural low-calorie fiber, in which digestion of the body spends a large amount energies.

If you think that you have lost enough weight, repeat the course from the first day. Perhaps the body has not had time to adapt to new conditions for 5 days.

In the opinion of losing weight, diet "Ladder" – a simple and pleasant way to lose up to 10 pounds. Especially pleased that the result is fixed for a long time, and the body does not feel exhausted, as after some diets. On the contrary, you are cheerful, happy and confident in myself.

Day 1 th – the first fist – cleansing (minus 1-2 kg)

This kind of preparation of the organism for the subsequent days of the diet. It is to release the body from slagging, accumulation of toxins, metals, salts.

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Purification is carried out with activated carbon, clean still water and fresh apples (preferably local varieties). Coal will collect pollution and bring them out, and pectin, contained in large quantities in apples, accelerate metabolism and establish digestive processes. Water also contributes to the purification and healthy functioning of the body.

Diet Ladder: menu for 5 days


  • activated carbon – 1-2 tablets every one and a half to two hours;
  • apples – 1 kg;
  • still water – 1 liter.

Day 2 th – fist the second – recovery (minus 1.5 kg)

Continuing preparation for stable and healthy weight loss, it is necessary to restore the normal environment of the gastrointestinal tract, to establish its work. It is best to cope with this dairy products.

Diet Ladder – harmony for 5 days


  • low-fat cottage cheese with mint or vanilla – 600 g;
  • low-fat kefir – 1 l;
  • non-carbonated water – 1 liter.

Day 3-th – the third stage – replenishment of energy resources (minus 1.5-2 kg)

On the previous two steps the body has lost some energy to replenish, so the third day should be devoted to the use of glucose. It is contained in products with natural sweetness: raisins, honey, all kinds of dried fruits. They can be used on their own, pre-steamed, or in the form of compote.


  • raisins – 300 g;
  • honey – 2 tbsp;
  • still water – 1 L.

Day 4 th- the fourth stage – construction (minus 1-1. 5 kg)

In Order not to weaken the critical muscle mass during the loss of kilograms, as well as to support many important processes for normal life, it is necessary to strengthen the body with protein food.


  • boiled Turkey or chicken fillet with greens – 500 g;
  • non-carbonated water – 1 liter.

Day 5-th – the fifth stage – the burning of body fat (minus 1-2. 5 kg)

The Menu, which includes foods rich in vegetable fibers and completely devoid of fat, is the best suited for the final disposal of excess body weight and consolidate the result.


  • raw vegetables – unlimited;
  • berries and fruits – unlimited;
  • whole oatmeal – 200 g;
  • non-carbonated water – 1 liter.

Having Reached the top of the "Ladder", you can take a break, repeating the course of "climbing" after some time, or improve the result of weight loss by continuously repeating the diet from the first step to the fifth.

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