Diet Ksenia Sobchak for weight loss, reviews

Diet Ksenia SobchakKsenia Sobchak never experienced special problems with excess weight. But like any woman who is always "in sight", she thinks about maintaining a perfect figure. For this Xenia follows certain principles in diet and exercise regularly.

Ksenia Sobchak is guided by a simple but effective principle:

If you want to lose weight, you should have a parish less than consumption... You should burn in a day more calories than you've eaten.

Xenia believes that sport is a necessary part of life and very intensively in the gym at least 3-4 times a week under the guidance of a personal trainer. And also never misses the opportunity to ride a mountain bike, ski or snowboard.

According to "socialite", so she leads an active life that those extra pounds for it just does not have time.

Of Course, little who can afford the same physically active life, but it does not mean that it is necessary to abandon the sport at all.
If the body is not used to the loads, at first training can cause discomfort, but over time, you can not do without them. In order not to drop the class at the beginning, it is necessary to create a proper motivation.
It is important to do regularly and intensively, rare classes are unlikely to be useful.

Now let's find out what kind of diet helps Ksenia Sobchak always remain attractive, cheerful and energetic.
In terms of power, Ksenia up to 18 hours of eating whatever it wants, adhering to the principles of separate power and limiting portion sizes.

Adherents of a separate food believe that certain foods must be digested in the stomach separately from each other. This ensures the absence of intoxication.

Xenia believes that the separation of power helps her to feel great.

Modern medicine is of the opinion that our body is initially designed for the use of a variety of food. And the separate use of products does not give significant advantages'.
And the positive changes that are noted for themselves by those who observe the principles of separate nutrition, from the fact that a person begins to treat his diet more consciously, to use more "correct" useful products.

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