Diet Ksenia Borodina "lose Weight in a week": menu, video

Cucumber diet Ksenia BorodinaPeople public on mind always, for them always it is important look perfectly. This is especially necessary for women, but at the same time, for them, in some periods of life, it is especially difficult. Even after the birth of a child, the presenter can not afford to gain extra pounds.

Fans of Xenia really wanted to know how she was able in a short time after birth to return to excellent shape and even lose a dozen pounds, and the presenter she shared her secrets about the diet "lose Weight in a week." The results of the diet of Ksenia Borodina all the more striking that in her own words, she has always been prone to obesity.

So, what diet helped Ksenia Borodina lose weight after childbirth?
In fact, there are two versions of Ksenia Borodina's transformation on the Internet. Apparently, like any woman, Xenia wants to keep some mystery.

On 1 th version of Ksenia've lost weight thanks to diet, which adheres Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak to 18 hours eats what she wants, adhering to the principles of separation of power and limiting portion sizes. And she goes to the gym for a few hours 4 times a week.

Ksenia Borodina's diet is mainly composed of seafood, lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

Version 2:

Cucumber diet Ksenia Borodina for weight loss

Borodina Cucumber diet is low-calorie, it is not easy to sustain it, but it is not recommended to add anything to the diet given below.

diet Menu Ksenia Borodina

Breakfast: a piece of rye bread and two fresh cucumbers.

Lunch: salad of cucumbers and greens, seasoned with vegetable oil; a portion of soup with fresh vegetables. A couple of times a week instead of soup you can eat a piece of boiled meat (about 200g.) low-fat varieties.

Dinner: salad of cucumber and greens, seasoned with vegetable oil or fresh cucumber.

Since the diet is rather poor, it is necessary to take a vitamin complex.
It is necessary to drink enough water (from 1.5 liters per day), you can also drink green tea.

Enemas are recommended To enhance the effect of the diet.

Cucumber diet Ksenia Borodina for weight loss can not be observed for more than 2 weeks. Longer observe it as dangerous (the diet of the diet can not be called a diet), and it is useless: the body gets used to this diet and pounds do not go away. Repeat the diet can not earlier than 2-4 weeks.

The Best option would be to follow a diet for one week, then a 2-week break, during which you must give up fat, flour, sweet, alcohol, do not eat after 19. Then you can repeat the diet.

Alternate: a week diet, two weeks break until the desired weight is reached.

To keep the weight after the end of the diet, it is important to strictly limit the use of high-calorie fatty, flour and sweet food, the first time is better to completely give up alcohol.

diet Disadvantages

Borodina Cucumber diet almost completely excludes protein from the diet, which can worsen the course of many chronic diseases. Before starting a diet, consult your doctor.

Advantages of diet

The advantages of cucumber diet include its cleansing properties, this diet will help to clean the body and improve the condition skins.

Sitting on any cucumber diet, it is worth thinking about the quality of cucumbers, which are the basis of the diet. The best time to follow a cucumber diet is summer, when a natural product not saturated with nitrates appears on the shelves.

Video about the diet of Ksenia Borodina "lose Weight in a week"

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