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Diet KovalkovMoscow nutritionist Alexey Kovalkov is the author of an independent method of weight loss. His diet is aimed not only at reducing weight and volume, but also to restore metabolism. According to the system of Dr. Kovalkov lose weight both independently and in the author's clinic.

Diet Kovalkova quite strict, it consists of four stages.

Methodology nutritionist Alexei kovalkova, the preparatory phase

Target the preparatory phase of the diet kovalkova: to accustom oneself to reasonable limits with food to reduce increased appetite, get rid of some bad habits.
Duration: from two weeks to one month, then begins the diet doctor kovalkova.

Rules: First of all, you need to give up carbohydrates with high glycemic index.

  • You stop eating any bread, cakes, bread, black, protein, bran rye.
  • you can Not eat corn, boiled beets, carrots,
  • honey, fructose, dried fruits, sweet fruits, any sweets, even marshmallows, dark chocolate.
  • in Addition, you exclude white bread, white rice, potatoes in all kinds of pasta.
  • Alcohol any is a taboo on the entire preparatory phase of the diet.

The Meaning of these restrictions is to overcome insulin "swings" – a natural mechanism to increase appetite when consuming carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Adhere this diet is minimum two weeks, maximum – a month. Stick to five meals a day, do not overeat.

Pros and cons: "Plus" definitely for your health – you will reduce the consumption of sugars, and thus reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity. From the very beginning, the weight is reduced by a few pounds, if you exclude all the "provocateurs" overeating.
However, it is not always the extra pounds caused by overeating due to fluctuations in blood sugar. It happens that people just "stuck stress" Goodies. Then the preparatory stage should be carried out carefully – carefully monitor the size of the portions.

First stage

Target: "restart" metabolism, arranging a stress shake the body, clean the gastrointestinal tract, accustom to the "ultra-small" portions of food, start exercising, which provides methods kovalkova.

Duration: 10-14 days.

Rules: you must strictly adhere to the daily routine and menu. In the morning, before Breakfast you should walk at a fast pace for an hour.

1st stage Menu:

  • Breakfast (one hour after the walk) – 200 ml of low-fat kefir, a tablespoon of powder bran, a tablespoon of cedar orikhiv.
  • Second Breakfast (in 2 hours) – 1 Apple
  • Lunch( in 2-3 hours) one Apple or half of grapefruit
  • the Second lunch ( through 2-3 hours) one thing Apple or currently grapefruit
  • afternoon Snack ( in 2-3 hours) one Apple or half of grapefruit
  • Dinner: 200-300 grams vegetable salad with oil-vinegar or oil-lemon dressing, can be add a bit cheese
  • Before going to bed – protein of two eggs or glass of milk

Pros and cons: if you are used to doing power load – will have to give up the gym for 10 days. With this menu, strength training is meaningless.

Diet Dr. kovalkova: the second phase

Target stage 2: enter the "cruising" weight loss mode – comfortable food, at this stage, food by the method of Dr. Kovalkov provides intensive disposal of zsira.
Duration: from one to seven months.


  • Can be added to apples, vegetables, kefir and bran seafood, Turkey, chicken Breasts, fish in small quantities, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • These foods should be steamed, in any case not fry in butter.
  • Should organize fractional 5-6 meals a day and try not to eat one and those as.
  • Vegetables allowed any, except prohibited during the preparatory phase.

Pros, cons: quite meager diet leaves little room for imagination. At the stage of weight loss, you will do almost without complex carbohydrates, so you can lose in power indicators, experience problems with mental activity.
However, unlike most other protein diets program nutritionist Alexei Kovalkova are Packed with fiber of plant origin, allows you to gain vital 130 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Power System nutritionist kovalkova: third stage

Target: the consolidation of the results of the diet.
Duration power systems: ideally – all life.

Rules of the 3rd stage:

  • you will gradually introduce cereals with low, medium glycemic index – buckwheat, wheat, barley, brown, wild rice.
  • little by Little, no more than one portion in 2-3 days, you can eat black, bran bread, baked potatoes.
  • From alcohol is allowed wine, sweet – dark chocolate.
  • Oil is better to use olive, but butter and milk fats – limit.
  • of Course, traditional sweets, pastries should appear on your table as possible less often.

the Pros and cons of the methodology nutritionist kovalkova: in the end you will come to the classic scheme of healthy eating. Naturally, if you can hold on to this all your life, weight problems will no longer threaten you. Cons of this food is practically no, one has only to learn how to cook.

Book: the Method of Dr. kovalkova

Alexey Kovalkov wrote the book "the Method of Dr. kovalkova. Victory over weight", where rasskal about regularities of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, gave advice on the use of this knowledge in everyday life.


Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for effective diets for weight loss.

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