Diet Kirsty Ellie: popular actress told how to lose 36 pounds

Actress Kersti Ellie, owner of the award "Emmy", surprised his fans with incredible transformation: in just six months, she lost 36 kilograms of excess weight.

According to the actress, it was not easy, because after 50 years the body is not so easy to change. What helped her in the fight for a slim figure?

The Story of Kirsty ally weight loss

Career Kirsty occurred in the 90-ies of the last century, when its popularity began to decline, the actress became depressed and gave up on his appearance. As a result, she "ate" weight of 150 kilograms!

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Extreme degree of obesity could not not affect well-being Kirsty. She was constantly plagued by shortness of breath and exhaustion, and everyday household chores have become a real test. Perhaps it would all go on, but the actress was invited to take part in the dance TV project. For filming, she had to lose at least 30 kg of excess weights.

In pursuit of the desired harmony Kirsty began to experiment with a mono-diet that promised quick results, but the success they brought. Then the woman turned to a nutritionist and with his help was able to find a suitable diet that accelerates metabolism and does not involve fasting.

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Kirsty began to practice fractional nutrition - 5-6 meals a day, but in small portions (no more than 250 grams). This approach helped to avoid sudden jumps of insulin in the blood and reduce the volume of the stomach, the walls of which were greatly stretched. Another step to losing weight has been a shift from products made with white flour, sweets and fatty foods.

The Basis of the diet of Kirsty were vegetables, fruits, legumes, dietary varieties of fish and meat, whole grains. Periodically, the actress allowed herself to eat low-fat cheese and drink a glass of wine.

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Of Course, the path to harmony not go off and without physical leverage. Kirsty did not exhaust herself with hours of training in the gym. She just started moving more than before. A woman every day arrange Hiking and perform stretching exercises.

Drinking regime played an Important role in weight loss, because water it helps to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances and accelerate metabolism. Every day the actress had been drinking at least 1.5 litres of still water.

It is recommended to Drink warm, not cold or hot water. Cold water provokes "wolf" appetite, and hot - excessive production of gastric and intestinal juices.

Of Course, initially Kirsty was difficult to readjust, but over time she genuinely fell in love a healthy image life. Before the TV project, she managed to lose 36 kilograms of weight, and during it the actress lost a couple of sizes!

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