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Every girl wants to be the most beautiful, the most attractive or even perfect. There are many ways to lose weight and they are all very different from each other. Everyone has their pros and cons. Sports? If you have no contraindications, the sport will only benefit.Pills? Now few pills inspire confidence. Belts? The band-AIDS? If they help to lose weight, then just a significant result you will not see. Diet? Not such a large number of diets really able to help not only lose weight, but also to maintain the desired result. There are several well-known authors of diets for weight loss. And here is one of them: Kim Protasov, a diet that "saw the light" in 1999.


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Kim Protasov – known Israeli nutritionist. His first article, published in the newspaper "Russian Israeli" was called "do Not make food cult's. A thin cow is not a Gazelle yet."
On the diet Protasov need to sit 5 weeks to produce a specific result.

Diet Protasov: stages

Diet Recipes, Kim Protasov divided for several stages.

First and second weeks of Protasov's diet:

You can Eat raw vegetables, cheese, and yogurt (kefir) in any quantity and in any form (for example, to make salad and fill it with yogurt). The fat content of dairy products should not exceed 5%. In addition, every day you can "treat" yourself to the 1st boiled egg and 3 (no more) green apples.

5% cheese – cheese is granulated or granulated cottage cheese. It is better to eat 5% cottage cheese. You shouldn't eat too much salted cheese.

2 liters of water per day are required (tea, coffee in any quantity, but without sugar).

To the end of the first during the diet phase you will surely notice that a small miracle has happened – you have the desire to eat only apples, vegetables and cheese. You will also feel unearthly lightness.

Third, fourth, fifth weeks of diet:

Power on the 2nd stage remains the same (we continue to eat vegetables, eggs, cheese, yogurt and apples), also add a slice of lean meat – up to 300g., (or birds, fish, it does not matter) and slightly reduce the use of cheese and yogurt.

At the same Time, slimming write positive reviews about the diet of Kim Protasov and notice that in the last 2 weeks the extra pounds go away most intensively.

Advantages of Kim Protasov's diet

Diet Kim ProtasovDiet Protasov: results and reviews
  • No restrictions on the amount of food is good from a psychological point of view: if you have broken down from previous diets because of hunger and the desire to chew, this diet is for you.
  • Due to dietary restrictions products with high glycemic index, decreases the craving for sweets and normalizes the work of the pancreas.
  • Dairy products are a source of protein, calcium and lactose, which in itself contributes to the loss of adipose tissue.
  • vegetables, the body gets the vitamins and minerals, fiber. If you follow a diet, as recommended by its author, to eat a large number of vegetables, the body will receive enough plant fiber for normal bowel function.
  • From apples – pectin, apples can be consumed baked.

the Cons of the diet Protasov – the presence of contraindications. Since the menu on the diet Protasov, at most, is from a large number of raw vegetables – it is not recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer entrails.)…

Recipes for diet Protasov

Salad "Freshness"


    • tomatoes – 250 g
    • 1 medium size fresh cucumber
    • 1 radish medium size
    • onion, salt, pepper, dill, parsley
    • vinegar – 1 tablespoon

Slice Cucumber, radish, tomatoes and onion thinly and stir. Add salt, pepper to taste, dill and finely chopped parsley. If you want, you can add a hard-boiled egg.

Beetroot, carrot and Apple salad


    • 1 raw beet
    • 2 carrots
    • 1 Apple

Grate All ingredients, add diced sweet pepper, parsley, season with a teaspoon of lemon juice and yogurt.

Zucchini salad with garlic


    • 1 medium zucchini
    • 1 medium bulb
    • 2 slices garlic
    • dill, mustard, salt, black pepper

Peel and grate the Zucchini and finely chop the onion head. Chop garlic and dill, RUB them with mustard, a little salt and black pepper. Mix everything.



    • 2 cucumbers,
    • 3 tomatoes,
    • half red and yellow bell pepper
    • onion (small),
    • lemon juice – 1 tablespoon,
    • green, can be celery

Pour boiling water Over the tomatoes, peel and chop them. Onions, garlic and half of the peppers and cucumbers grind in a blender, and cut half into small cubes. Vegetables from a blender dilute with water to the desired consistency, add ice and all chopped vegetables. Add lemon juice, pepper and salt. garnish with herbs.

Eggs protasovsky


    • 1 egg
    • 150 g. cottage cheese or cheese
    • Sol, greens

Raw egg whisk in a blender, add cottage cheese or cheese, salt and herbs. Bake in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Beef stew

Cut the beef into 4cm pieces by 4cm. In a preheated pan without oil, fry the meat so that it no longer looks raw and light. Separately, lightly fry a little onion. Put the beef in a pot with a thick bottom and pour boiling water. Add onions and seasonings to taste, simmer 1-1.5 hours until tender.

Chicken baked

Take the whole chicken. Don't cut it, just wash it. In the abdomen put the whole lemon, also cut and cleansed. On a baking sheet, pour 1 kilogram of salt and level. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Put the chicken with lemon on the salt breast up and bake for one hour.

Squid stuffed with vegetables


    • 4 squid carcasses
    • 2 raw carrots small
    • green onions
    • 1 egg
    • 2-3 tomatoes
    • salt and pepper to taste

Squid wash, scald and skin. Finely chop the carrots, onions and tomatoes. Add boiled egg, salt and pepper. Stir. Fill the squid carcasses with this mixture and sew with thread. Drop squid in water, salt, pepper and cook no more than three minutes. Cool and serve, cut along, like a sausage. Stuffing for the filling can be done different, to your taste.

Recipe: homemade cheese "Protasov"


    • cottage cheese – 1 kg
    • 1 glass of milk
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 0.5 tsp of soda
    • 1 raw egg
    • 1 tablespoon (or less)

Put cottage cheese in pan, add hot milk and cook for 10 minutes. Then fold the mass on a sieve and let the liquid drain. Put the mass in a bowl, add the egg, oil, water and salt and mix well. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring constantly, until the mixture becomes viscous. Put the cheese in a greased form and press down with a load. You can add finely grated garlic to the cheese.

Look at some others recipes diet Protasov as well as recipes to exit diets.

How to get out of the diet Protasov

Green Diet will help to make the initial breakthrough and get rid of cravings for sweets. The result of the diet will not only lose weight and cleanse the body, but also the fact that after these five weeks you do not want to immediately lean on dumplings and sandwiches, help your body, support it in an effort to eat healthy food, and for a long time you will enjoy your slim body without any diets.

However, there are certain rules that it is desirable to adhere to (at least for 1-2 weeks) to get out of the diet Protasov, not gaining weight back:

  • the main products are still vegetables and dairy products,
  • in the first days it is recommended to start dressing salads with vegetable oil (no more than 3 teaspoons per day), when it is highly undesirable to use more than 35 g of fats (both vegetable and animal) a day,
  • then start replacing 2 apples from the allowed three with other fruits and berries (except bananas and grapes),
  • to the morning diet add porridge (start best with oatmeal on water, then add buckwheat, millet) and low-fat cottage cheese,
  • if desired, gradually add lean meat, fish, while reducing the number of dairy products'.

If after leaving the diet to adhere to this diet, excess weight will continue to go completely unnoticed.

Slimming also developed a more detailed menu out of the diet Protasov for the next 5 weeks:

Week as the fifth, the only condition is that dairy products should be less fat added to the diet 2-3 teaspoons of porridge cooked on water.
The seventh week as the sixth, apples substitute for in other everyone.
Eighth week – add dried fruits.
The ninth week as the eighth, we add boiled vegetables to a diet, we replace part of dairy products with meat.
Week ten. Starting from the tenth week, it is recommended to use light broths and add to the diet the usual products.

It is not recommended to eat bakery products for 1-2 months after the diet, rice.

And one of the exit menu options:

first 4 days:
MORNING: 2st.spoons of oatmeal in water (no sugar), low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables, Apple.
DAY: Meat 300g, vegetables, egg, Apple.
EVENING: vegetables, Apple.
last 3 days: Also, plus in the MORNING add 2-3 teaspoons of vegetable oil to vegetables.

the first 4 days: MORNING: 2st.spoons oatmeal porridge on water (without sugar), low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables with butter, other unsweetened fruit (pear).
DAY: Meat 300g, vegetables, egg, other fruit.
EVENING: vegetables, Apple.
the last 3 days: Also, plus in the MORNING you can add a couple of nuts to the porridge, but then cut the oil!

THIRD WEEK. the first 4 days: As the last 3 days of the second week.
the last 3 days: Also, plus you can add in the cereal, dried fruit (if you add nuts – do not forget to reduce the oil)

FOURTH WEEK. first 4 days: Same as last 3 days of the third week. Plus the DAY is raw vegetables eaten cooked (while gradually reducing the consumption of raw vegetables)
the last 3 days: Also, plus a DAY can slightly increase the meat, reducing the remaining kislomolochny!

FIFTH WEEK. Also, but together add the broths.

Recipes for diet Protasov

Salad with oranges


    • 2 tomatoes
    • 1 orange
    • 1 bell pepper
    • some cheese and 1% yogurt

Cut tomatoes, orange, pepper, add cheese and season with yogurt salad.

Cucumbers with meat


    • 4 small cucumbers
    • 250 g veal
    • 1 egg
    • 1 tablespoon of butter
    • 1 tablespoon of flour
    • 1 onion
    • Bay leaf, a few peas black pepper

Prepare the minced meat:
Put the peeled onion and meat in a saucepan, pour hot water. Bring to a boil, remove the foam and cook for 20 minutes. Add seasoning and cook for another 10 minutes. Meat cool and grind with a meat grinder, adding softened butter, egg, salt and flour.
Cucumbers peel, cut in half and remove the middle. Fill the cucumbers with minced meat, connect the halves and tie with a thread. Pour the meat broth and simmer simmer for 10 minutes.

Oatmeal cookies


    • low-fat cottage cheese – 250 g
    • oat flakes – 1, 5 cups
    • 10 dates (chop)
    • 2 tablespoons of milk
    • 1 egg
    • 1 tsp honey (to taste)

Mix the ingredients, make the cakes and put them on a baking sheet covered with floured baking paper. Bake until Golden brown at 180 ° C degrees.

Reviews of the diet Protasov

Staggering diet results Protasov, photos before and after you can find on the Internet.
Svetlana, 29 years. My weight problems started a long time ago, about 10 years ago, during pregnancy. Extra I have 15 kg. I tried some diets (like buckwheat) but because of their monotony I felt bad. Diet Kim Protasov I tried 3 months ago and was very happy with her performance. The diet is built very competently in it a lot of vegetables, dairy products, fish and meat, which provides all the necessary substances and vitamins to the body. I would even call it not a diet, but a proper diet. After 2 weeks, my health improved and took 4 kg, and at the end of the diet – I got rid of 8 kg. From the diet, I did not even go out, got used to this diet and continue to observe it, even sweet now do not want.

Alina, 25 years. fortunately I can't say I particularly suffer from excess weight. But in my 25 I would like to look slimmer, especially since I'm not tall. Of course, if my fullness was clearly excessive, I would agree not only to a diet, but also to a complete hunger strike. Therefore, in search of a diet in which there is no special need to limit yourself to the amount of food, I came across a diet Protasov. Although the variety of products is limited, but with their number you can not bother. Want say, that I courageously weathering the entire course and under this word "courageously" can be indeed put in quotes, because labor me this not accounting for. As a result – minus 5 kilograms, and I'm really slim and attractive girl.

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