Diet Ingeborga Dapkunaite: how to stay slim after 50 years

In their 56 years Ingeborg looks like a young girl: very slim, fit, full of energy and strength. Many believe that she just has good genetics.

The Actress claims that it's not just that. According to Ingeborga and its excellent physical form is the result of regular exercise and a sensible diet! 

Ingeborg diet principles

1️ Mandatory Breakfast

Ingeborg never misses Breakfast. She is sure that the morning meal is the key to effective work of the body throughout the day. 

Ingeborg prefers oatmeal porridge with milk, honey and dried fruits For Breakfast. This meal helps her finally get rid of sleep and recharge.

2️⃣ Low heat treatment products

The Actress prefers a minimum of heat treatment bakes the vegetables and the fish for 10-15 minutes. She doesn't like spices, sauces and gravy. It is important to preserve the pure taste of the products. 

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3️⃣ Refusal from "food debris"

Ingeborg categorically does not accept fast food, fried dishes, smoked products, rolls, semi-finished products and lemonades. The actress since childhood eats right, so she did not have to deal with harmful food addiction, as many of us. She just does not want "food garbage", she is not familiar with it. 

4️ drinking Mode

Actress advises during the day to drink plenty of still water. This allows you not to overeat and promotes effective cleansing of the body. She drinks about 2 liters a day.

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5️⃣ Sport

Ingeborg says he loves the movement in principle. Sport for her is not a punishment, but an opportunity to work on her body and recharge her energy. Even in the days of non-stop filming, she finds time for charging. 

To Perform a simple movement is possible even in the dressing room. The actress is definitely doing crunches, twists and tilts in different directions. At the weekend Ingeborg roller skates, walks a lot and does yoga.

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After 50 years, it is difficult to boast of a perfect figure. However, the presenter believes exactly on the contrary - over the years you need to look only better. With a reasonable diet and exercise, you can achieve amazing results!

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