Diet in the gallbladder – rules of nutrition in diseases of the gallbladder

Gallbladder refers to extremely important organs in the human body. It stores the necessary stock of bile for high-quality digestion. Without this, normal digestion of fatty foods is impossible.

A diet with a gallbladder is necessary with active and daily use of a large number of fatty, fried, smoked dishes. After all, the liver should work in an unusual for her "emergency" mode. If to this join hypothermia, nervous stress, excessive alcohol consumption, there is acute cholecystitis. And if such a disease also recurs, there is chronic cholecystitis. In all these cases, the body functions inflamed gallbladder, diet in which should be the most gentle for him and at the same time balanced, with sufficient content of basic nutrients.

Acute cholecystitis is appointed warm savoury drink in two or three days diseases. Useful tea, rose broth, fruit juices. Next, use mashed foods – soups, semolina or rice cereal, light cereal, jelly, fruit puree food. Useful and cottage cheese. With inflammation of the bile, abundant drinking is indicated. Eat small portions (up to six times a day). Such a diet in diseases of the gallbladder contains a sufficient ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and at the same time has a reduced amount of kilocalories.

In acute cholecystitis, such a diet is prescribed for a short period of time. But in the chronic course of this pathology, a gentle regime for the liver should be present constantly. It is essential that the body produces enough bile to keep it from stagnating. In addition, it is necessary that the intestine functions normally, without diarrhea and constipation. These indicators meet lipotropic fat diet for the gallbladder.

This treatment menu option stimulates bile production and helps to remove excess cholesterol. In the diet increases the contents of fats and proteins and half lipids should be of plant origin. Due to sugar and sugar-containing dishes the daily intake of carbohydrates is reduced. Thus, a person receives 120 grams. fat, up to 110 gr. proteins and up to 350 gr. carbohydrates per day. In addition, set fasting days. Useful cottage cheese, fish, egg white, dried fruits, vegetable oil, vegetables. Of heat treatment is preferred for boiling and stewing.
When cholecystitis prohibited spices, dishes from pastry, whole milk, smoked, fried, alcohol.

Here's how it looks around diet in gallbladder disease for three days:

  • 1 day. The first meal – omelet, semolina. 2nd Breakfast – cottage cheese, tea. Lunch – vegetable soup of oatmeal. Afternoon snack – baked apples. Dinner – boiled fish dish with boiled potatoes. At night – a glass of kefir.
  • 2 days. 1st Breakfast – vinaigrette with sour cream, tea. At 11 o'clock – baked apples, rosehip tea. Lunch – mashed vegetable soup with rice, cabbage salad and carrots. Afternoon snack – scrambled eggs for a couple, tea. Dinner – cutlets from cabbage, pasta. At night – a glass of kefir.
  • 3 days. 1st Breakfast – cottage cheese pudding, oatmeal porridge with butter. Second Breakfast – apples. Lunch – vegetarian soup with vegetable oil, boiled meat. Afternoon tea. Dinner – low-fat fish, boiled potatoes with butter. Before bedtime – kefir.

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