Diet in gastro – products and menus

Gastroduodenitis is a form of chronic gastritis. At its core, it is a common inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum. And if the mild form of gastritis is inflammation of the gastric mucosa, then gastroduodenitis affects the intestine already. Therefore, doctors recommend treatment is medication necessary to stick to a diet.

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There are several diet rules in gastroduodenitis, which are the basis of the patient's recovery.

  1. Solid food should be chewed very carefully.
  2. the Amount of food consumed per meal should be small. The number of receptions should not be less than five times a day.
  3. Consumed foods and drinks should be warm, high and low temperatures will only damage the mucosa.
  4. All meals and beverages that may be consumed should be excluded from the diet. provoke the secretion of gastric juice. These include rich broths, fried foods, smoked, salted and spicy. Drinks include alcohol, strong tea and coffee, as well as carbonated drinks.
  5. All consumed foods are best taken in crushed, chopped or mashed form.

Diet in gastro – menu for the patient

In the heart of the menu lies the question of what can and can not eat? It is he who gives the opportunity the right approach to solving the problem of food choice. Therefore, there is a need to understand them and to divide them into "necessary" and those that will be banned.

Foods to eat:

  • Of bakery products it is best to eat wheat bread, but in the dried version. You can include biscuits.
  • From vegetables give preference to cauliflower, carrots, beets, potatoes, zucchini and pumpkin.
  • From dairy products – the milk, cheese, cheese, butter and cream.
  • From groats – rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina.
  • you Can eat two soft-boiled eggs a day.
  • Lean soups, vegetable, meaty.
  • Lean fish, lean meat, chicken, rabbit.

Products which are forbidden to eat:

  • Fatty meat and fish.
  • brown bread, products from fancy pastry, fried Goodies – pies, belyashi etc.
  • Vegetables – spinach, radish, radish, onion, white cabbage, sorrel.
  • you can Not eat any raw vegetables and fruits not rubbed.
  • ice Cream and chocolate.

Diet in gastroduodenitis involves the consumption of mineral water, which has a very good effect in removing the exacerbation of the disease. But how to drink mineral water properly depends on the acidity of your stomach. If the acidity is increased, that mineral water is better to drink warm deep and fast. And best of all an hour before meals. If the acidity is low, the reception of mineral water is made Vice versa. That is, slowly, small SIPS, 15 minutes before meals. But it should also be warm.

Doctors recommend that to keep the diet in gastro for a long time it can harm the body. Therefore, such a diet patients adhere to two or three months, but no more than four. Therefore, as soon as the condition improves, you can move on to chopped food.

Very important: before you start a diet with gastritis, you should consult a doctor. It is he who will have to appoint treatment and paint you a diet.

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