Diet in diabetes – the most effective medicine?

How to lead the right lifestyle for diabetics? Follow the doctor's recommendations, observe the daily routine and eat properly. Strict diet will be a pleasant surprise, because there are so many recipes for diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease of millions. All over the world, people are trying to fight it, or should I say, adopt a new way of life. If a person has diabetes throughout his life, he learns the rules, which makes him feel as good as any other healthy person.

The Patient himself / herself should analyze changes in health status, take medications prescribed by the doctor, give insulin injections in the prescribed dosages. In order to live a full life you need the right diet of diabetes and adhering to a meal.

The Specialists-diabetologists for many years carried out research of diabetes, written multi-ton works and published thousands of reference books on how to influence diabetes diet.  With the development of the Internet, you can find interesting articles and new research on the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

However, the diet was and it remains the most effective tool, proven over the years. It is based on the so-called product pyramid. It is a classification of products of daily use, the farther the product from the base of the pyramid, the less it should be eaten. The arrangement of products is as follows:

Pyramid Base: whole grains and foods rich in starch.

* First level – fruits and vegetables.
* Second level – meat products.
* Third level – dairy products.
* Top of the pyramid – fatty foods, oils and various sweets.

Knowing this simple scheme, you can combine products in the right proportions, while eating tasty and healthy. In order to get rid of the monotony of food, it is recommended to read the various prescriptions for under diabetes, in which you can find very original dishes. You will not only be able to try a new kitchen, but also treat your friends. And who knows, maybe they will taste dishes that are no worse than their popular counterparts from Japanese or Mexican cuisine.

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