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From the intestine depends largely on the health of the whole organism. No wonder all cleaning techniques in the first place offer us to clean the intestines.
You should think about whether the intestine is healthy if you are worried: constipation or diarrhea, gases and bloating frequent headaches and weakness, skin rashes and unpleasant smell, decreased immunity and, as a result, frequent colds.

Bowel Health it is directly related to what we eat. Diet "healthy intestines" will not only lose weight in 10 days for 5-7 kg, but also to clean the intestines, improve metabolism.

During the diet it is recommended to take vitamin C and drink plenty of water without gas.
After the end of the diet, it is desirable to avoid sugar and products containing it, soda and flour, limit the use of salt.

Healthy bowel Diet, menu

1 and 2 days – unloader.

There is only green apples, in the evening, allowed to drink a Cup of tea with honey (1 tsp).

3 day.

Breakfast: oatmeal on water without salt and sugar, a glass of mineral water.
Lunch: 200 gr. boiled beef, tomato.
Dinner: a glass of boiled rice, some soy sauce if desired, tea with lemon.

4 day.

Breakfast: oatmeal, Cup of coffee.
Lunch: 2 apples, slice of lemon.
Dinner: Apple and orange.

5 day.

Breakfast: grated carrots, drizzled with lemon juice, low-fat yogurt, 150 gr. cottage cheese, mineral water.
Lunch: baked potatoes, two hard-boiled eggs, tomato and cucumber salad with vegetable oil.
Dinner: 200 gr. boiled rice with soy sauce, a Cup of tea with lemon.

6 day.

Breakfast: oatmeal porridge.
Lunch: oatmeal.
Dinner: a glass of boiled rice.

7 day.

Breakfast: a Cup of coffee.
Lunch: vegetable broth, Apple, 150 gr. curd's.
Dinner: kefir.

8 day.

Breakfast: oatmeal, glass of mineral water, vegetable broth, 3 apples, orange.
Lunch: kefir.
Dinner: boiled fish, 2 oranges, tea.

9 day.

Breakfast: kefir.
Lunch: boiled fish, tea.
Dinner: 200 gr. boiled beef, rice, three apples.

10 day.

Breakfast: kefir.
Lunch: tea with honey.
Dinner: a glass of rice, an orange and a slice of lemon.

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