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Diet HallelujahThe Hallelujah Diet is a low-calorie vegetarian diet consisting of 85% raw food and 15% cooked food. The diet is also recommended to include numerous supplements containing vitamin B12, healthy fats and enzymes.

The Essence of diet

The Author of the diet is priest George Malkmus. Together with his wife Rhonda, they prepared a book of recipes created on the basis of invented theory. The diet got its name from the name of the family farm "Hallelujah Akers". The authors argue that the diet they created is "a direct path to the Lord in health and well-being" is an opportunity to return to a natural lifestyle and the best program for weight loss.

The List of allowed products is very limited, the main menu contains dishes large in volume of products, but low in calories. The main provisions of the diet: hunger and a minimum of calories.

Vegetable and fruit fresh juices in large quantities – an integral part of the diet Hallelujah. Reverend Malkmus believes that the use of juices – the most an effective way of entering the body of nutrients. In his book, he writes, "the digestive system extracts only 35% of nutrients from foods, and 92% from juices."

    Most nutritionists reject this theory. According to them, the use of juices practically does not affect the features of absorption of nutrients, because our stomach has a powerful system of enzymes responsible for the processes of digestion (digestion and absorption).

Hallelujah-diet recommends a mandatory 30 minutes of physical activity per day and daily sun exposure.

What's on the menu?

The Choice of food for the diet is not varied and mainly consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, food additives and several dishes of processed cereals and vegetables. There are only two main meals and two more small snacks are allowed between them. Only during lunch is it allowed to eat thermally processed food. The number of fruits in the daily menu is not should exceed 15% of the total volume.

What's off the menu?

Prohibited animal products, dairy products, spices (including salt and pepper), sugar and sugar syrups, purified flour, caffeine, coffee, tea, cocoa, lemonades, alcohol,energy drinks, artificial sweeteners, canned fruits and sweetened dried fruits.

The List of prohibited foods continues with Breakfast cereals, rice, roasted seeds and nuts, margarine, hydrogenated oils, meat soups, any sweets, canned vegetables and all fried foods.

    Such an impressive list of prohibitions and the duration of the diet itself, according to nutritionists, will inevitably lead to a shortage of necessary substances.

American dietetic Association, which in principle not has nothing against vegetarianism however, warns that following an Alleluia diet increases the risk of protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, omega-3, zinc and iodine deficiency. That's why experts recommend consulting a nutrition specialist to make sure that the diet chosen is healthy and well balanced.

How does diet work?

Hallelujah diet, undoubtedly, will lead to weight loss. But at what cost? A small amount of calories will not be able to maintain the necessary level of energy for life, and the lack of some products on the menu will lead to a shortage of the necessary substances.

But the authors of the diet believe that the use of natural products over time will free the body from the habit of eating sugar, flour, salt, animal products and caffeine, as well as relieve a person from 90% of physical ailments. And invented the "horror stories" about the fact that if you again, go to normal food, you will experience an incredible thirst and acute attacks of hunger.

Opinion of doctors and nutritionists

Nutritionists, noting the positive aspects of the use of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products, generally do not approve of the diet Hallelujah because of the monotony and low calorie. They also note the scientific groundlessness of the provisions on which the power system of George Malkmus is built.

A Common misconception is statement that raw products more nutritious than boiled. In fact, appropriate heat treatment can even improve the absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract. This is what many doctors and nutritionists say. People are omnivorous by nature and their bodies need nutrients (proteins and fatty acids), for example, from fish or chicken meat.

The Hallelujah Diet is contraindicated in children, nursing women, and many adults, because it is unbalanced, unreliable and unverified clinically.

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