Diet glycemic index for weight loss, reviews

Glycemic index dietNowadays, a slim and fit body is not only a business card of a successful and energetic person, but also a sign of his spiritual perfection, self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Most held people are sure that the perfect appearance – this is the main talisman that attracts success and good luck.

For this reason now there are plenty of ways to bring your body in desired shape. Hunger, exhausting physical activity, unsafe drugs... That only people do not come up with in order to finally get a beautiful figure? But not everyone will dare to stuff himself with doubtful chemistry and to sit for half a year on "water and air". And why? Because there is an excellent proven way to attain a desired shape, not torturing and not depleting your body by starvation. Diet glycemic index (GI) – this is exactly what is now and go speech.

How does the glycemic index diet work?

The Essence of the diet – exclude from the diet foods containing simple carbohydrates and replace them with foods containing complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates are fast-digested carbohydrates that contribute to a sharp increase in blood sugar, and its sharp decline, which is the main cause of false hunger – a snack, a person after a short period of time begins to feel the need for food again. And the simple carbohydrates he ate are converted into fat deposits on the hips and in the lower abdomen.

Complex carbohydrates are the same work a little differently: are absorbed slowly, do not cause sharp jumps of sugar in blood and for a long time saturate an organism.

Glycemic index Diet: stages

The First stage is the weight loss.

Within two weeks it is necessary to eat products exclusively with a low glycemic index (GI to 39).
glycemic index table

the Second stage is the result of consolidation.
You can selectively start to use products with an average glycemic index (GI from 40 to 59), with the bulk of the diet should be represented by products with low GI.

Such products as meat, chicken, fish, not included in the table, eat also allowed from the second stage.

the Third stage – the control and maintenance of weight loss.
It is necessary to build your diet so that most of it consisted of products with low and medium GI. It is not forbidden to eat in small quantities and products with a high glycemic index.

Glycemic index Diet – useful tips

• The more fiber a product contains, the less its GI. So eat the whole fruit (if possible, with skin) is better than drinking juice. Prefer whole grain porridge and whole grain bread with bran. Do not consume refined products that do not contain fiber.

• Products in the form of cheese have a GI lower than after heat treatment. And the longer the product is prepared, the greater the increase in GI. Therefore, both vegetables and cereals, and pasta should not be digested. It is even better to cook oatmeal (Hercules, buckwheat) brewing boiling water.

Protein products best combined with non-starchy vegetables. In this case, proteins slow down the digestibility of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates contribute to the optimal digestibility of proteins.

• If you really want a sweet, eat it with foods rich in protein and fiber.

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