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Diet from wrinklesDiet from wrinkles indeed there is. This is not a myth, and not an invention of idle journalists. Scientists have proven that eating food rich antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins, can slow down the formation of free radicals in skin cells and slow down aging. Changes in nutrition should be accompanied by proper lifestyle changes – be sure to get enough sleep, do not neglect skin care, try to give up Smoking, plenty of coffee, alcohol, and perform simple exercises for the muscles of the face.

Diet from wrinkles: the basis of the diet

To avoid premature wrinkles, you should consume at least three healthy products per day.

First of all, eat salmon, mackerel, trout. Fat red sea fish – source of collagen and beneficial essential fatty acids. No product has such a balanced combination of fats and proteins. It is fish that can accelerate the recovery of skin cells.

It is Very important to saturate the body b vitamins. They are contained in linseed, so use linseed oil when preparing salads and sauces, eat linseed porridge. Therefore, do not ignore the leafy salad greens – eat salad of all kinds, add greens to soups and side dishes. So you can not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also calm your nerves. It is proved that green vegetables have an anti-stress effect and work no worse than soothing herbs in the form of tea

Speaking of tea. From the black you better give up, green tea use rationally, no more than 4-5 cups a day. Well, your favorite drink should be rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids hibiscus tea. This drink not only increases the elasticity of the skin, but also improves blood circulation, so that a healthy blush will always be with you.

Excellent tool for complexion – three vegetable salad per day. Be sure to eat salads with fresh carrots, beets, daikon every day, and the necessary vitamins will nourish your skin. Tomatoes are also useful against aging. In addition, lycopene, contained in tomatoes, helps prevent cancer.

The anti-wrinkle diet: forbidden foods

Abuse of certain types of food can lead to dehydration of the skin, and the early appearance of wrinkles. These products include:

• All salinity;
• Vegetables, meat, fish in marinade;
• Any alcoholic beverages;
• Fatty soups with lots of salt and spices;
• Fatty salty sauces;
• Mayonnaise of any fat content;
• Herring, red fish with salt;
• Industrial cooking "caviar" from vegetables.

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