Diet from acne: permitted and prohibited products, the basic rules and features of the diet from acne

the Problem of acne on the skin is quite common among women of any age. Treatment of skin rashes can be different: from the use of cosmetics and medicines prescribed by a dermatologist, and hardware procedures, to follow a special diet.

The Latter helps to solve problems associated with hormonal failure in the body, as well as diseases livers.

Prohibited and permitted products under pimples

In order to get rid of skin problems, you should eat properly, limiting your menu from some foods. This the list is as follows:

  • Any kind of soft drink
  • Chocolates and lollipops
  • Fried meat and fish
  • Fast food
  • Butter and flour
  • Foods high in fat, artificial flavors;
  • Cream and sour cream
  • All smoked
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Caffeine

With caution should be treated to coffee, the recommended daily rate – no more than two cups. You can not eat a large number of nuts, strawberries and citrus.

Diet from acne based on buckwheat and kefir, Kim Protasov's technique

Various natural yogurts and kefir, steamed red fish and porridge Have a positive effect. It is recommended to drink more green tea and juice from fresh fruit, every day there are products containing dietary fiber. It is, first and foremost, spinach, Kale and different rocket. Every day should be preparing soups on different basis (meat, vegetables).

Any diet with acne can not do without the inclusion in the diet of vegetables such as ginger, garlic, dill, parsley and carrots. Thanks to the complex of useful substances contained in them, the skin is quickly cleaned. The maximum effect of the diet can be achieved by arranging at least 1 time in 7 days drinking days (fasting).

Buckwheat and kefir diet from acne

In the last time became popular monodiets: acne and acne ideal kefir diet or buckwheat. With them you can also get rid of excess weight.

Please note! The diet, which involves the inclusion of buckwheat in the diet, is designed to normalize weight, so with full compliance of growth and body weight, it will not help to adjust the silhouette. When you set extra pounds after pregnancy buckwheat diet is sure to give the desired result without constant the feeling of hunger.

Diet from acne based on buckwheat and kefir, Kim Protasov's technique

Buckwheat or kefir can be consumed in unlimited quantities, combining different cooking options. Useful porridge from buckwheat will turn out if to fill it with hot water (100 degrees) and to leave to infuse during the night. Cooking cereal is not necessary – so it will retain all the useful elements in its composition. This product does not cause an instant feeling of satiety due to the long assimilation of complex carbohydrates contained in it. To improve the taste, it is recommended to add a little soy sauce.

If you take the staple diet of yogurt, the fat content must be no more than 1.5%. It is allowed to drink green tea without sugar and sweeteners and natural mineral water (non-carbonated) at the same time.

When dieting from acne last meal should be no later than 4-5 hours before the night's rest. If you have a strong feeling of hunger, you can drink low-calorie kefir, half diluted with boiled water.

If a more gentle diet is chosen as the basis, then skimmed yogurt and fruits (banana and grapes are excluded) are added to the main product. Due to the receipt of glucose in the body such a diet is much easier to tolerate, but the result will have to wait a little longer.

Diet from acne based on buckwheat and kefir, Kim Protasov's technique

Diet Protasov from eels: the basic principles

Popular on the vastness of global networks diet from practitioner Kim Protasov, which many consider mysterious and even a fictional character. However, his nutrition programs have been tested by many women and are gaining positive feedback.

His diet from acne is based on the use fresh vegetables and plenty of milk and its derivatives. One of the main principles of a nutritionist – you can not limit your body in food.

Despite the fact that there is on the program even in the night time, there are some limitations in the consumed food. The list is as follows:

  • Salt and salty products to avoid swelling
  • Canned juices
  • Cannot be added to beverages sugar
  • Coffee (instant or freshly brewed) – only once a day
  • Tea (green) no more than 2 times a day
  • Fruits are allowed only with sour taste (green apples are best)

The Duration of the course Protasov – 5 weeks. For each week means a certain diet, the total number of calories consumed per day – no more than 1,500.

The Whole diet, regardless of the stage, consists of protein foods and foods based on plant fiber.  In this mode, power is reduced cravings, cleanses the intestines, reduces the dependence on sweet and rich, normal glucose level.

Diet from acne based on buckwheat and kefir, Kim Protasov's technique

Than eat, according to recommendations Protasov, to quickly get rid of pimples? The list of products is as follows:

  • Beijing and white cabbage
  • Yoghurts (only natural)
  • bell Pepper and carrots
  • All sorts of cheese (hard)
  • Garlic, radish and onion
  • Ryazhenka and kefir
  • Eggplant and any greens
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Meat: Turkey, chicken, veal, beef
  • Milk, the fat content of which does not exceed 2.5% and cottage cheese with a mass fraction of fat no more than 3%

You can Drink almost anything: diluted half water fresh juice, green tea, boiled fruit drinks from fresh berries without sugar, still drinking water (preferably mineral).

Following towards your goal, you can achieve excellent results, the main thing – do not deviate from the chosen course of nutrition, do not forget about the bans and carefully monitor your health.

Diet from acne based on buckwheat and kefir, Kim Protasov's technique

In Addition to diet, be sure to take care of the skin with the help of high-quality cosmetic means: milk, lotion, gel and various creams. If possible, it is better to get an appointment with a dermatologist who can accurately choose the right tool that can cope with a specific identified problem.

Do Not experiment with traditional medicine: only after consultation with a specialist. Proper daily routine, beauty care, active lifestyle and a competent diet will help to cope with the problem in the shortest possible time.

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