Diet for weight gain: menu for weight gain for men

How to gain weight for a man: menuThere Are cases when there is a need not to lose weight, but, on the contrary, to gain it. To achieve the desired result, eating all foods indiscriminately, is unlikely to succeed. Menu for weight gain for men and women will be different. For a strong half of humanity is more relevant question set mass due to muscle tissue, not body fat.

Menu: how to gain weight man

Male and female organisms are significantly different from each other, so for the husband to choose a diet is necessary, given some features. For example, metabolic processes in men are much faster, so even without classes sports and active activities, they can consume a large amount of high-calorie food and do not get better, especially in young years. With age, fat reserves begin to be evenly distributed throughout the body. Women have the same "surplus" in the first place "settles" on my stomach and hips.
How to gain weight for a man: menu
Gain weight man, adhering to the menu, it will not be difficult, in any case, it is the strength of each. Eating everything in a large number, too, you can get better, but in this the risk of problems with the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism is high. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to competently make a diet menu for weight gain for men, so that in the process he reached not just a good physical shape, but also improved.

Husband wants to garner weight: menu, than feed

When making a diet for weight gain menu must be prepared, adhering to the following features:

  • 65-70 % of the daily diet should consist of protein (meat, fish, dairy products, legumes).
  • Cereals it is preferable to cook not on water, but on milk or meat broth with the addition of butter (but not more than 30 g).
  • Daily in diet must be vegetable salads with lots of greens, season them better with vegetable oil.
  • Alternate methods of meat and fish, while choosing low-fat varieties. A piece of baked pork or mackerel can be eaten no more than twice a week.

The Menu for a man who wants to gain weight should be based on proteins and complex carbohydrates. It is also important to increase physical activity, the best solution is to enroll in the gym.
How to gain weight for a man: menu

How to gain weight a man: a rough menu

Lack of body weight in men is most often associated with a lack of calories. Therefore, the menu must be composed in such a way that it had a sufficient amount of meat, fish, potatoes, eggs, cereals, beans, peas, bread (from coarse flour), mushrooms, nuts. It is these products should be the basis of the diet, but also on the menu should be vegetable salads and fruits.
Approximate daily menu, how to gain weight man:

  • First Breakfast. Oatmeal or wheat porridge cooked with milk, dried fruits, cheese sandwich, coffee with cream.
  • Second Breakfast. Milkshake with banana, 100 g of nuts.
  • Lunch. Vegetable soup with meatballs, three baked potatoes with 200 g of meat, vegetable salad, seasoned with oil.
  • Afternoon. One glass of kefir or yogurt with cookies, fruits, nuts.
  • Dinner. Four boiled eggs or omelet, sandwich with butter and cheese, tea.

How to gain weight for a man: menu
Before sports, it is recommended to add carbohydrates to the diet. For example, before training, you can eat 50-80 g of dried fruits or drink fruit fresh. Also replenish the supply of glucose will not hurt 20 minutes after exercise. To ignore these things is not necessary, because they also play a significant role in weight gain.

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