Diet for the pancreas – features and rules of nutrition of patients with pancreatic pathologies

One of the most important human organs is the pancreas. Symptoms of malaise are most often manifested in the form of loss of appetite, pain in the area of the hypochondrium on the left side and nausea. The most common diseases are pancreatitis, diabetes and various tumors. First of all, the patient is prescribed a special diet for the pancreas.

Principles and recommendations in nutrition

If you has become disturbed by pancreas iron – diet now your permanent satellite. There are principles of diet for the pancreas glands, which should always adhere to the patient.

  • there are often and little by little;
  • drink more plain water;
  • limit salt;
  • reduce the caloric content of the daily diet;
  • completely eliminate simple carbohydrates, fatty and fried foods;
  • increase the amount of protein in the diet. Practically without restriction it is possible to use low-fat fish and meat;
  • give preference to liquid dishes – soups and porridge;
  • before eating, the food should be slightly cooled to about 60 degrees.

What products can and cannot be

To make an individual diet plan, you should know what foods the diet involves with the pancreas.

Meat must be low-fat. Most suitable chicken breast without skin. You can also eat Turkey, rabbit, beef. Also be sure to include the food fish low-fat varieties (cod, haddock, perch, blue whiting, mullet). Seafood is also allowed.

You Can eat cottage cheese, cream, milk, yogurt and curd.

Eggs can be consumed, but not more than two per day. Egg yolk has a high fat content. Also allowed a day for 30 grams of cheese and butter. When using these products, you should give up other fatty foods on this day.

Very useful in a variety of soups, cooked in vegetable or chicken broth. You can add noodles and cereals.

The Vegetables are resolved almost everything, but they need to be subjected to heat treatment.

Fruit is perfectly sweet apples and pears, so good for the stomach. Also suitable apricots, peaches, dried apricots, bananas.

Pasta and noodles are Allowed. Bread should be flour, it can be a bit dry. Convenient ready-made lean biscuits, bread.

Even some sweets: honey, marmalade, marshmallows, jelly and compotes.

Prohibits fried foods, meats, different marinades. Mushrooms are not recommended because of their complex digestion. Dangerous sour fruits, smoked sausage, salted fish.

Example menu for three days

1 day

Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole, tea with milk

Lunch: Apple

Lunch: a plate of chicken broth or soup, beef Patty, cooked on steamed, mashed potatoes

Afternoon Snack: kissel

Dinner: gruel dairy from rice

Before sleep: a glass of kefir

2 day

Breakfast: omelette of 2-3 eggs, one slice of wheat bread brands, glass of milk.

Lunch: 100g cottage cheese, seasoning spoon low-fat sour cream or yogurt

Lunch: vegetable broth, boiled or baked chicken with vegetables baked or steamed

Afternoon Snack: Apple or pear, a glass of juice from non-acidic fruits

Dinner: any low-fat fish with boiled vermicelli on garnish, weak tea with honey

Before nightmare: kefir

3 day

Breakfast: 150 grams low-fat cottage cheese, 1 glass of milk

Lunch: egg, boiled soft

Lunch: chicken soup with pearl barley, lean biscuits, 10 grams of unsalted butter

Afternoon Snack: dried apricots (5-6 PCs.), a glass of drinking yogurt

Dinner: baked potatoes, boiled beef

Before sleep: Apple

Thus, the caloric content of your daily diet will be about 1350 KK. This sample menu is designed the right balance of the day the patient needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Most likely, your doctor will tell you how many calories it is desirable to use for you. Basically it depends on the weight and height of the person. Based on the doctor's instructions, you can increase or decrease the amount of portions yourself. And also add some allowed products little by little. The pancreas diet is quite strict. But, if you study well the list of permitted products, you can learn to eat every day tasty and without harm organism.

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