Diet for the intestine – description, recommendations

the Intestine plays a major role in the digestive system. Therefore, the therapeutic diet designed for patients with disorders of the bowels, is always given special attention. Diet for bowel is a list of specific approved products, which may be slightly different depending on the type of disease (infection, constipation, diarrhea, inflammation). The following are recommendations on how to eat and what products should be excluded from the diet.

All intestinal diseases are subdivided into acute and chronic types. It is necessary to prevent the development of the disease in time, so that it does not turn into a chronic form, and the right gentle diet is what you need for treatment. It should be borne in mind that nutrition depends on several factors: the nature of the disease, the state of the intestine (its motor function), sex, age and any concomitant diseases.

You Also can not forget about, that different products can both empty the intestines and, on the contrary, delay its emptying.

Diet in acute intestinal inflammation

Diet for intestines

Enterocolitis (acute inflammation) usually appears together with inflammation of the stomach. His symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, weakness and lack of appetite. In this case, you need a couple of days to eat only liquid food, drink water and hot tea without sugar. When diarrhea is recommended the following products:

  • Soups of lean meat or fish with rice
  • vegetable Broths
  • Crumbs from regular wheat bread
  • low-Fat cottage cheese
  • Rice or oatmeal in wiped the form
  • Kissel, broth of rose hips or black currant
  • Frayed apples
  • Meatballs of low-fat minced meat, steamed
  • Black coffee, green tea

What not to use:

  • Fatty dishes, canned food and smoked
  • Fresh berries, vegetables and fruits
  • Sweets, pastries, soda
  • Legumes
  • Pasta
  • milk Products

Diet for intestines

Diet in the treatment of the intestine

The So-called therapeutic diet "Table-3" is recommended for constipation and chronic intestinal diseases. It restores the bowel, but should be excluded from your usual diet of fast food, pasta, beans, fatty first courses, soda, strong tea, jelly and coffee. In fruit can not eat bananas, and sweet – chocolate and any sweet dishes with custard.

Recommended products include vegetable soups, berries and fruits, low-fat fish and meat, honey, fruit and vegetable juices, kefir and yogurt, as well as crumbly porridge and a decoction of rose hips.

According to numerous reviews, a diet for the intestine helps to avoid the development of the disease, leading to the normalization of intestinal work and improvement.

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