Diet for pneumonia in adults: what diet requires pneumonia in the acute stage and during recovery

Pneumonia is a lung disease that occurs with an inflammatory process caused by an infection. The key to successful recovery is an adequate regimen in combination with a special diet. Proper nutrition should be followed not only during the exacerbation of the disease, but also some time after it.

Features diets

Diet is very necessary for pneumonia to maintain the body's defenses, reduce the burden on the digestive system and immunity. Feeding habits during pneumonia in adults consists in the reduction of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, it is important to reduce the amount of salt and increase the amount of calcium. For successful treatment it is important to take vitamins C, A and B.

Note: the Diet consists of a fractional diet using small portions. Food steamed or boiled, served in a mushy or finely chopped form.

The child with the disease (including bilateral pneumonia) often has no temperature. Asymptomatic pneumonia can occur in both children and adults. The reason may be hidden in the violation of immunity and it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In any case, the main condition – drink plenty of liquids. The liquid should be served in warm view.

Diet for pneumonia: eating habits for adults

Need to pay attention! Food should be easily absorbed by the body, do not lead to gas formation and bloating of the intestine. To serve food needs in the form of mashed, chopped or boiled. It is not recommended to eat too salty, spicy food. It is undesirable to include sauces in the diet of the patient.

Nutrition in pneumonia in adults

Before starting a diet (such as table number 15 or by Pevsner), is required in the home to clean the intestines by using any laxative. It is useful to drink warm or hot milk, adding melted butter. The diet should include soups. You can drink water with lemon juice or cranberry juice. This will help not only to replenish the body with vitamins, which will strengthen the immune system and give it the opportunity to quickly overcome the disease, but also to reduce body temperature.

Note: Patients old age with pneumonia, the doctor may recommend drinking a small amount of wine to lift strength.

Diet in pneumonia during exacerbation (memo)

Diet for pneumonia: eating habits for adults

On the stage of the disease list of food permitted for consumption is rather narrow:

  • low-fat broths;
  • dairy products, including milk itself;
  • fruits;
  • low-fat fish varieties;
  • vegetables;
  • jam and honey;
  • a decoction of rose hips;
  • cereals.

Important! Eating by force is not recommended. If there is no appetite, at the stage of exacerbation of the disease can be limited to warm drink.

Sample menu for one day during the acute phase of pneumonia

For Breakfast it is enough to eat porridge cooked with milk (you can use semolina or other cereals).

For lunch, you can enjoy the jelly and raspberry broth (used dried or berries fresh). The drink is allowed to add a little honey.

For lunch it is recommended to eat pearl barley soup, a little mashed potatoes and fried fish. As a dessert suitable watermelon.

It is recommended to prepare applesauce and tea For an afternoon snack.

Dinner consists of cottage cheese (can be add raisins), and also a decoction of from rose hip. You can drink milk at night.

Note: the Daily menu for pneumonia in the acute stage involves the use of 200 g of bread and the use of a small amount of sugar.

Diet after pneumonia and recovery

When acute phase passes, the patient is able to diversify its menu. But it needs to be expanded gradually. It is allowed to eat lean meat, fish, eggs, sauerkraut. You can include in the diet of various bakery products. Drinking regime remains unchanged. Children and adults, it is desirable to drink a lot of fluids: tea, broth rose hips, juice and more.

After pneumonia (especially in diabetes, pleurisy in the elderly) diet is necessary to adhere some time to let the body fully recover.

Diet for pneumonia: eating habits for adults

Approximate nutrition on one day in period recovery

The Approximate adult menu may look like this (for one day):

  1. Breakfast: boiled eggs, vegetable salad, small slice of rye bread, bun with milk.
  2. Second Breakfast: broth of rose hips with honey.
  3. Lunch: meat soup, fish soufflé, mashed potatoes, bread, juice.
  4. afternoon Snack: fruit and compote.
  5. Dinner: cottage cheese casserole, stuffed cabbage rolls with bread, jam and tea.

As at the stage of exacerbation of pneumonia, at the stage of remission and after recovery, both the adult and the child need to maintain a drinking regime. In pneumonia, it is allowed to drink a decoction rose hips or raspberries, tea and other permitted drinks between meals.

From the diet depends on the efficiency of the treatment of pneumonia and speed recovery. Therefore, doctors recommend to adhere to it. To overcome pneumonia, the body needs strength. He needs help by strengthening the immune system. Since inflammation of the lungs is of different forms (focal, bilateral, etc.), the menu of the individual patient and the period of compliance with the diet should be set solely the doctor.

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