Diet for pancreatitis: diet menu for chronic and acute pancreatitis, answers to popular questions about nutrition

Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas, requiring treatment and compliance with a special diet. The cause of the disease is often the abuse of alcohol and harmful food. Pancreatitis occurs in acute or chronic form. It is extremely important to make the right diet, so as not to overload the digestive system and thus aggravate the course of the disease.

Diet number 5 under pancreatitis

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

This disease (pancreatitis) requires significant dietary restrictions. Patients are prescribed a diet №5. It can be of two types:

  1. the Diet number 5A. It must be adhered to in the acute form of the disease. No more than 1700 kcal is allowed per day. In this case, the components of the dish should be frayed and not too hot. Salt is limited to 10 g per day. Usually the duration of such a diet is a week.
  2. Diet No. 5B. Used in chronic pancreatitis. It is allowed to consume up to 2700 kcal per day. Enough 140 g protein, 350 g carbs and 70 g fat a day. Broths and broths should be excluded. Food can be ground or served in small pieces.

Both types of diet №5 provide fractional nutrition.

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

Pancreatitis: diet in the first days after attack

Within two days after the attack, the doctor prescribes hunger to the patient. It is allowed to drink a decoction of rose hips (not too hot), mineral water. On the third day allowed the use of low-calorie food. It is necessary to exclude salt and fatty foods, as well as dishes that lead to gas formation, bloating and increase the secretion of gastric juice. Then the patient must adhere to the diet recommended by the doctor.

Diet for acute pancreatitis

When the disease worsens, it is necessary to follow a strict diet. It is important at this time to drink a lot of mineral water. Preference Magnezium or "Borjomi". Under normal urinary conditions, at least 6 glasses of fluid per day are required. This will reduce the formation of pancreatic juice and slightly eliminate painful manifestations.

To protect inflamed mucous membranes of the digestive system from negative effects, proper nutrition is necessary.

Diet pancreatitis in acute stage assumes:

  • a large number of water-and fat-soluble vitamins;
  • maintaining the physiological level of valuable substances contained in products (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids);
  • reducing the volume of substances that have an irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive system;
  • exclusion from the diet of salty, spicy, smoked and spicy foods.

Note: it is Desirable to cook food for a couple, grind or grind products. Do not use too hot dishes. You need to eat often but in small portions.

When the acute phase comes to an end, it's worth to go for vegetable soups. Allowed the use of fish or meat low-fat varieties, cereals, natural juices, honey, jam. Dairy products are allowed, including including cottage cheese. It is desirable that it was a small percentage of fat. At night it is useful to drink yogurt or kefir.

In acute pancreatitis diet should be maintained for at least six months. If you do not follow the doctor's recommendations about food, it may not turn out the best way for the pancreas.

Diet for chronic pancreatitis

When a patient is diagnosed with pancreatitis, which is in chronic form, doctors it is recommended to include a large amount of protein in the menu and adhere to the physiological level of fats. Thus, the General requirements are as follows:

  • protein level is higher than normal;
  • sugar, honey, salt, sweet pastry and jam – less than normal;
  • complex carbohydrates (cereals), fats – the norm.

During the period of chronic pancreatitis, it is necessary to limit the use of products that irritate pancreas. To a greater extent this applies to vinegar, spices, alcoholic beverages and other similar substances.

Note: it is Recommended to cook steamed, stew or bake. Food can not grind. Food is served warm but not hot.

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

If the disease of pancreatitis is chronic, it is important to follow proper nutrition. Without a diet in this case can not do. The amount of calories consumed should be in full accordance with physical activity. Recommended five or six meals, including foods with a laxative effect. It is also necessary to monitor the amount of protein consumed during the day, as it takes an active part in the recovery processes. The body requires up to 130 g of protein per day. Most of it must be of animal origin. Based on this, the recommendations of the doctor should be included in the diet beef, Turkey, chicken fillet, lean pork.

Important! Thanks to the use of meat and fish, it is possible to prevent fatty degeneration of the liver. The main thing that these products were low-fat varieties.

Often fresh milk in its pure form patients suffer hard. Therefore, it is desirable to add it to jelly, porridge and other dishes. During the day it is enough to drink half a glass of milk. Dairy products are of great benefit. It is allowed to use hard cheese, but in small quantities. Eggs should be excluded from the diet, it is permissible only to prepare an omelet for a couple of one protein. Allowed the use of rice, buckwheat, crackers, stale bread, pasta.

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

As for butter, it is better to add it to dishes only before serving. Vegetable oil can be included in the diet if the patient tolerates it well. From vegetables is worth give preference beets, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, squash. It is desirable to grind and cook on the steam of the broth. You can include in the diet of non-acidic apples, it is allowed to prepare compotes of berries or dried fruits. It is allowed to use a sauce based on flour and milk with the addition of a small amount of salt.

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

If you follow these recommendations, you can make the treatment more effective.

What to exclude?

It is Not recommended to eat fried dishes, use products with a high percentage of fat for their preparation. Drinking mode involves natural juices (except grape), tea and compotes.

From the diet should be excluded the following:

  • alcoholic beverages, sweets, sparkling water, cocoa and coffee;
  • fatty meat, fish, spicy foods, seasonings;
  • fat;
  • legumes, sorrel, muffin, onion, spinach;
  • chocolate;
  • the wheat;
  • citrus fruits;
  • yoghurts;
  • canned food;
  • sausages and smoked meat;
  • coffee, strong tea;
  • bananas, grapes, dates;
  • confectionery products;
  • cooking fats;
  • ice cream.

These products are not recommended to be used even in dishes.

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

Pancreatitis, diet: that can be there is?

Speaking generally about the products that are allowed to eat with pancreatitis, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • vegetables;
  • wheat bread (stale);
  • milk, cheese, cottage cheese (with a small percentage of fat);
  • pasta;
  • egg white;
  • meat and fish;
  • porridge;
  • steamed casseroles;
  • berries and fruits, of which is preparing kissel;
  • decoction on the basis of the hips, weak tea.

It is Desirable to use a limited amount of vegetable and butter, spices, soaked herring, sour cream sauces, cookies (with a minimum sugar content).

Diet Menu

Approximate menu for pancreatic disease per day:

  1. boiled Beef, oatmeal porridge, cooked with milk, weak tea (7:30).
  2. Omelet, cooked in the oven Apple, broth rose hip (9:30).
  3. Vegetarian soup, pasta, berry jelly, beef souffle, compote (13:00).
  4. Tea and a small amount of cottage cheese (16:30).
  5. Tea, fish souffle (20:30).

About this in the daily diet should adhere to the people suffering from inflammation of the pancreas.

Diet in pancreatitis: the correct diet of the patient

Answers to popular questions

Many patients with pancreatitis or cholecystitis ask questions about the diet in pancreatitis. Below are the most common of them them.

Can I drink goat's milk? This product is considered to be fatty, it is hard to digest by the body. If a person uses it regularly since childhood, a small amount is allowed. Otherwise, it is possible indigestion, which will only aggravate the course of the disease.

does eating yogurt? This product can be included in the diet for pancreatitis. First of all, you need to make sure that the milk, which was used for cooking, did not differ in the content of a large amount of fat. Otherwise, the use of matsoni is not recommended.

is it Possible to eat gingerbread, pastry or puff pastry? If disease is in acute form, these products are in the banned list. With pancreatitis in the chronic stage, a small amount of baking and flour products made from puff pastry is allowed. In case of insulin disorders gingerbread should not be used because of the presence of glaze in them. It may include palm or coconut oil, which adversely affects the work of the pancreas.

is cinnamon allowed? If it is a natural product that is sold in a specialty store and comes directly from the distributor, it is not recommended to use it. The fact that this cinnamon is able to increase the production of juice required for digestion. This has a negative effect on this disease. There is an inexpensive "analogue" of cinnamon, which is called Cassia. There is a myth that it helps with type II diabetes, but this version is not officially confirmed. Therefore, neither cinnamon nor its "analogue" to eat with pancreatitis is not recommended.

is it Possible to eat by-products? Liver, stomachs and heart are allowed to be consumed if properly prepared. They can be cooked or extinguish. Fry offal, as well as other ingredients for cooking with this disease is prohibited.

Is chocolate, processed cheese, bread, coffee, watermelon harmful? If processed cheese does not contain additives and seasonings, it can be used. It is desirable to include bread in the menu stale. Chocolate is not recommended to eat, sometimes you can afford a small amount of it as an exception. As for coffee, it is also allowed in rare cases.

is it Allowed eat rice and olive oil? pancreatitis figure allowed to use for cooking. Olive oil can be seasoned salads or use it to add to other dishes.

Can be whether brine? it is Advisable to refrain from its use in connection with the content of vinegar. If you really want, some brine can afford, but only if the pancreatitis occurs in the chronic form. In acute course of the disease, it prohibited.

is it Possible to eat salted lard? the Fat contained in this product has a negative effect on the gallbladder and liver. Therefore, it is not recommended to use. Sometimes permissible in small quantities, if disease is not in acute stage.

Pancreatitis – a disease of insidious. Its course is characterized by periods of exacerbation and subsidence. Compliance with a special diet helps to improve the effectiveness of treatment. If you do not follow rules of nutrition, the disease can lead to complications, especially for a pregnant woman. There are many recipes of healthy dishes that will help not only to facilitate the course of pancreatitis, but also to improve your health in General.

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