Diet for pancreas: what products to use to pancreas worked flawlessly

the Pancreas is an important organ of the digestive system. Its functions are to produce hormones and special enzymes necessary for food processing. To work the pancreas differed coherence, it is important to eat properly. If there have already been failures in the functioning of the body, there are pains and other symptoms, then you can not do without a diet.

Products for pancreas

All foods can be divided into those that are easily digested by the digestive system. the system, in particular, the pancreas, and those that complicate the work of the organs. Benefit are dishes whose ingredients are rich in vitamins. Also, with pancreatitis, inflammation of the gallbladder, liver diseases, it is recommended to use products that improve digestion, as well as some pharmacy fees. Doctors recommend to include in the diet of almost all fruits and vegetables, avoid canned foods, alcohol, foods, food with a content of Е1422 and Е1442. These additives are especially harmful affect the work of the pancreas. Negatively affects this body and the entire digestive system as a whole fried, spicy and too salty dishes.

Diet for the pancreas: how to prevent exacerbation

What can be there is?

On the advice of nutritionists, for normal operation of the pancreas will fit the following products:

  • sea cabbage;
  • fruits, especially kiwis, apples and oranges;
  • millet, buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • walnuts;
  • boiled onion;
  • dried apricots and prunes;
  • lean meat;
  • vegetables (especially zucchini and pumpkin);
  • berries (watermelon, blueberries, cranberries, currants);
  • fish;
  • vegetable oil.

Note: it is Recommended to consume dairy products every day. They have a positive impact on work body's.

Diet for the pancreas: how to prevent exacerbation

Pasta is not prohibited. But there is one condition – they must be of durum wheat. Alcohol is prohibited. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to drink a small amount of dry wine, tequila or brandy, but only if there are no problems with the pancreas. You can consume unlimited amounts of green tea, decoctions of rose hips and chamomile.

Note: To too cold products should be treated with caution. It is desirable to give preference to the extent of hot meals or food at room temperature.

That there is cannot be?

Doctors do not recommend to abuse products such as pastries, smoked meats, legumes, potatoes, tomatoes, sausages, marinades and sauces (especially for women and children). They are harmful to the pancreas. As for berries, you need to limit the use of raspberries, strawberries and strawberries. Do not often drink carbonated drinks, coffee. From overeating garlic should also refrain. The ice cream, which currently exists on sale, contains refractory fats. They are harmful and not the best way affect the digestive system.

Important! Reduce the consumption of foods high in sugar and salt will be good for health in General and for the pancreas in alia.

Excessive vinegar has a Detrimental effect on the work of the organ. It is not recommended to abuse alcohol, especially in the presence of the disease.

Menu for pancreas

In Order to maintain the normal functioning of the digestive organ, nutritionists are advised to adhere to the following menu for the day/week:

  1. Breakfast: porridge from any cereals, fruits or berries, green tea.
  2. Snack: vegetable salad with crackers.
  3. Lunch: soup without frying, stewed vegetables, low-fat boiled meat, for dessert: walnuts with honey juice.
  4. Dinner: vermicelli and fish casserole, tea.

Adhering to this exemplary menu, you can forget about the problems with the pancreas.

The Role of water in the pancreas

Diet for the pancreas: how to prevent exacerbation

Plentiful drinking is a recommendation for almost every disease, as well as an incommensurable benefit for a healthy body. Due to the large amount of liquid food is digested faster, the intestine works correctly, reduces the likelihood of constipation. Obligatory condition is the use of simple clean water, free of gases. Other drinks can go in the form of additions to the total volume of liquid.

How to chew food?

Many people today, in connection with great amusement, don't have the time to fully eat, content with just snacking. They do not pay attention to the careful chewing of food. However, according to experts, the quality of grinding products during the meal plays a paramount role. Careful chewing can get rid of many diseases associated with the digestive system. Swallowing large pieces, the entire gastrointestinal tract is placed an exorbitant load.

Note: it is Believed that the bread crumb should be chewed until a sweet taste appears in the mouth.

On the advice of experts, it is necessary to make at least 30 movements of the jaws to chew part of the food placed in the mouth. It is worth noting that, this habit will also help to get rid of excess weight.

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