Diet for hypertension | slimming and health

Hypertension often develops with excess weight. Therefore, a diet with hypertension along with excluding certain foods should also help reduce body weight.

Changes in diet help you to control your pressure. Your diet should be rich in fiber, but poor in fats and salt (salt intake reduced to 3-5 grams, for comparison, the average rate of an ordinary person – 10-15 grams). Focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You can make your food more attractive with seasonings other than salt. Avoid processed foods that are usually high in sodium.

You should also watch what you drink. The research results give reason to assume that caffeine (coffee, strong tea) increases blood pressure, at least temporarily, while moderate alcohol consumption may lower it. However, keep cocktails to a minimum. More than 60 grams of alcohol per day can exacerbate hypertension.

Of those vitamins and minerals, which can help lower the pressure, potassium has one of the best track records. To ensure a intake of 3000 to 4000 mg per day, as recommended by doctors, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially potatoes and bananas.
A daily dose of calcium (800 mg) or magnesium (300 mg) may be useful for hypertension.

Fish – good source of fatty acids that help relax arteries and liquefy blood.

Celery in folk medicine of the East has long been used for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Copious consumption of garlic and onion can also help lower blood pressure.

But fatty foods, easily digestible carbohydrates (sugar, candy), muffins, cakes, cakes diet with hypertension maximally limits.

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