Diet for gout: features of the diet for gout, fasting days and rules of the menu

Gout is a disease accompanied by the deposition of uric acid salts in various tissues and resulting from a violation of protein metabolism. This disease requires complex treatment, an important component of which is diet. Its action is aimed at normalizing the exchange of purines and reducing the formation of uric acid salt.

Products to be excluded from the daily diet of gout

First of all, the restrictions apply meat broth. It should also be excluded from the diet of mushrooms, fatty fish, animal fats. It is not recommended to use by-products, which include lungs, liver, kidneys, hearts. Of the products banned are and smoked.

Diet for gout: dietary recommendations

It is Necessary to prepare meals with a minimum of salt. It is undesirable to include canned foods, caviar, legumes, spices in the diet. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, coffee and strong tea. Also have to exclude cakes and confectionery with the addition of chocolate. You have to give up figs, grapes, raspberries. Cheese is allowed to use in small quantities, if it is not spicy and salty.

Products permitted in limited quantities with gout

Some products are not prohibited, but it is recommended to limit their volume strictly. These include butter and milk with a low percentage of fat.

At note: it is Advisable not to consume milk in its pure form. The best solution would be to add it to the porridge.

Sometimes you can eat some boiled fish and poultry. Tomatoes and cauliflower are not prohibited, but if used in moderation. It is also allowed to eat greens, turnips and radishes, if you limit the amount of their use. As for the fruit, you should be careful about the plum.

What to eat with gout?

Home feature food gout in the feet (and also arthritis and arthrosis) in the acute stage – vegetarian diet. Can be without restrictions cannabis dairy products, fruits (except plums), vegetables. When the stage of exacerbation comes to an end, it is allowed to include low-fat meat (chicken, rabbit, Turkey) in the diet. You can also eat chicken eggs, low-fat fish, seafood (shrimp and squid). The benefit will bring cottage cheese with a small percentage fatnesses.

Diet for gout: dietary recommendations

Daily you can cook porridge using a variety of cereals and pasta.

Important: milk is used For the preparation of cereals, but it must be diluted with water.

A Special favor, introduce vegetables. Preference should be given to white cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini, eggplants, potatoes. For dessert, it is recommended to choose marmalade, marshmallows, non-chocolate candies. To diversify the menu is fruit. It is useful to use pears, oranges, apples. Seeds and nuts are not prohibited.

From drinks it is recommended to choose green tea, decoctions of rose hips, juices, kvass and fruit drinks.

note: it Is necessary pay attention not only to fruit and berry drinks. Great benefit is cucumber juice, which removes excess purines from the body.

There are No prohibitions on vegetable oil and bread baked from any flour.

Fasting days under gout

People suffering from gout (including those with obesity) sometimes need to spend fasting days. Their essence is to use only vegetables of a certain kind. If such a diet will cause the patient difficulties, it is allowed to prepare salads, mixing several ingredients.

When gout feet (increased uric acid) on fasting days, it is recommended to adhere to the Apple-rice diet. A small amount of rice is boiled in milk and consumed in small portions. Between meals should eat apples raw or cook them compote without adding sugar.

Diet for gout: dietary recommendations

Note: The number of apples in the fasting days should not be higher than 250g.

It is Forbidden for the period of treatment to starve completely at this disease as as a result of the termination of receipt of nutrients the level of uric acid in an organism increases. Also the prohibition of alcohol (the same recommendations and in diabetes).

Features menu for gout

In the preparation of the diet should be sure to include it in the liquid and semi-liquid. Special attention is paid to the drinking regime. The patient needs at least 2 liters of liquid per day. It is necessary to use vegetable soups, kissels, fresh juices, compotes.

Note: Make a diet for the patient should be a doctor, taking into account the concomitant chronic diseases. For example, with increased cholesterol, egg yolk is prohibited, although gout is not prohibited.

About the diet one the day is as follows:

  1. Breakfast: carrot and Apple pudding, vegetable salad, tea.
  2. Second Breakfast: juice and biscuits.
  3. Lunch: milk soup, meatballs, buckwheat porridge, jelly.
  4. afternoon Snack: fresh apples.
  5. Dinner: stuffed cabbage, cottage cheese, tea.

The success Of treatment in gout depends on its complexity. In addition to diet, the benefits will bring physiotherapy or medical procedures physical education, as well as Ayurveda.

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