Diet for gastric gastritis – rules, regime, diet for the patient

there is No such insurance, to to to wage image life, an appropriate today's day and not earn gastritis. The mucous membrane of the stomach is quite a powerful protection of the walls from gastric juice and particles of digested food, but it can be defenseless against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and excesses in the form of alcohol, Smoking, overeating, too spicy food and others.
The mucosa is affected and inflamed, do not give rest to pain, nausea, vomiting. If the doctor diagnosed gastritis – diet is inevitable. Without normal digestion, the body will not work properly. What should be the diet for gastritis?

Food for gastritis

Having Understood what acidity leads to discomfort – increased or reduced, you can proceed to the selection of products for the preparation of a personal diet with gastritis.
General recommendations are based on the principles of the maximum area of the wounded mucosa and the preservation of usefulness foods.

What not to eat gastritis:

  • drinks and products, the chemical composition of which contains preservatives and various additives to preserve and enhance the taste;
  • coarse cereals;
  • meat with a large amount of indigestible veins;
  • sausage and sausages;
  • vegetables and fruits with hard fiber;
  • fried foods;
  • spices and spices;
  • alcohol.

What there is under gastritis:


  • homogeneous in consistency;
  • free of hard or solid particles;
  • not from the fridge and not scalding;
  • heat-treated meat and vegetables, preserving the maximum amount of nutrients.

Meals are broken down 5-7 times during the day. Eat small portions, chew thoroughly.

Sample diet menu for gastritis during the exacerbation

Let's see what should be the approximate diet for gastritis.
Day 1:

  • Oatmeal on water, tea or tea with milk;
  • Baked Apple;
  • Chicken broth, steam cutlet, mashed potatoes, banana;
  • Biscuit and broth of rose hips;
  • Baked fish with vegetable puree and tea.

Day 2:

  • soft-boiled Egg, tea;
  • cottage cheese Casserole, tea with milk;
  • vegetable Soup, stewed vegetables with meat;
  • Frayed fruits;
  • Chicken, steamed with noodles.

What to eat with gastritis with high acidity?

Whole milk helps to Normalize acidity. But this product is not well tolerated by all and as a way out – the preparation of special (mucous) soups.

Soup Recipe for normalization of high acidity: oatmeal or flour in an amount of 25 g is boiled until boiling in 600 ml of water. When the volume is halved, the resulting the mass is homogenized with a blender, add 1 boiled yolk, cream or butter.

What there is under gastritis with reduced acidity?

Low acidity in the stomach does not mean that you can get rid of it by "throwing" acidic foods. The diet for gastric gastritis with low secretion is designed to relieve inflammation and activate the release of its own juice, containing the enzymes necessary for proper digestion and assimilation.

Example menu for the day:

  • Before eating, drink a glass of medicinal mineral water;
  • Omelet, rice porridge;
  • Banana or carrot pancakes on couple of;
  • Soup-puree of chicken broth, well-boiled carrots and potatoes;
  • a Biscuit and a glass of kefir;
  • steamed Fish cutlets, vegetable stew, fresh carrot or Apple juice.

With restoration of cells of the damaged gastric mucosa excellent job amino acid glutamine, which is part of the protein – protein. Therefore, in the diet of gastritis, special attention is paid to animal products containing a large amount of protein, and, consequently, glutamine, fish, eggs, meat, which, in addition, are very careful with the surface of the mucosa.

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