Diet for dysbacteriosis: features of medical nutrition, the list of prohibited products, the approximate diet menu

When dysbacteriosis is disturbed the functioning of all organs the gastrointestinal tract. Useful microbes that create microflora can die as a result of antibiotics, due to lack of vitamins or after the disease.

Features of treatment of dysbacteriosis with diet

Dysbacteriosis can occur in both adults and children. The human intestine is a complex system. In addition to the mucous membranes it contains food elements, intestinal bacteria, viruses.

If you began to notice that the stool was broken, there was discomfort and abdominal pain, increased gas formation, then you develop dysbacteriosis. The easiest way to get rid of these symptoms with a special diet.

Specially designed diet will eliminate unpleasant symptoms without any harm to the body. Dysbacteriosis can be quite protracted and have severe consequences. That's why all doctors it is recommended to start treatment in time.

Select a special diet is necessary, based on different factors – the age of the patient, the results of tests, symptoms. Only complex therapy will allow to achieve good results. The treatment program should be carried out in the following areas:

  • First, the doctor should determine the exact cause of the intestinal disorder and eliminate it with the help of enzyme preparations'.
  • At the second stage, the main task is to normalize digestion and relieve the patient from painful and unpleasant symptoms. Standard diet table # 4 is recommended.
  • After the analysis, the doctor can adjust the composition of the microflora, prescribing the patient receiving probiotics, bacteriophages and other intestinal antiseptics.
  • At the final stage it is necessary to increase the protective functions of the body. To do this, you can use immunomodulators, vitamin complexes.

As a rule, a patient suffering from dysbacteriosis is prescribed a special diet. All food in this diet contains a minimum amount of salt. Food must be very viscous and fresh.

Drinking regime also need pay enough attention. Experts recommend drinking a glass of mineral or fresh purified water 20-30 minutes before meals, and 2 hours after food's.

Alcohol, beer, wine, other fermented beverages strictly prohibited. If you strictly follow all the rules of the diet, you can very quickly get rid of the disorder.

Diet for intestinal dysbacteriosis in adults: menu and forbidden foods

Diet in dysbacteriosis: features of therapeutic nutrition

Properly selected menu will improve not only the gastrointestinal tract, but the whole body as a whole. All products from the healing diet is quite affordable and worth it is not expensive. To achieve the desired result, strictly follow all instructions.

List of prohibited products for dysbacteriosis

Before reading the menu recommended for indigestion, learn about those products that can not be eaten.

  • any smoked and spicy dishes;
  • garlic, onion, pepper, mustard;
  • marinated meat, canned;
  • mushrooms;
  • bran, brown rice, millet;
  • sausages;
  • sauerkraut;
  • alcohol;
  • oatmeal jelly.

As for the permitted products, it is recommended to cook them on steam to preserve the maximum number of useful elements.  You can cook any porridge or white rice soup, chicken or fish broths. Fresh natural yogurt, cottage cheese or kefir will also be useful in dysbacteriosis. Prepare a salad of cucumber and greens. Boiled potatoes and steamed meat are also allowed.

Sample menu for dysbacteriosis

1st Breakfast 2nd Breakfast Lunch afternoon Snack Dinner
day 1 Meatballs in steamer, boiled potatoes, herbal tea cottage Cheese with raisins Chicken broth with small slices of boiled chicken meat, mashed beets, compote Tea with biscuits cookies Fresh yogurt kissel
day 2 cottage Cheese, semolina porridge, herbal tea Fresh berries Steamed beef patties, meat broth, boiled potatoes with fish cooked in a steamer Compote and baked fruits Meatballs with boiled rice, green tea
3rd day Milk porridge from wheat groats, herbal broth Carrot puree Boiled beef with potatoes, barley porridge, decoction of fruits Tea with marshmallows Fish, mashed pumpkin, tea
day 4 2 boiled eggs, semolina Yogurt Chicken broth with pasta, meatballs, carrot salad Compote and app cookies Omelet, boiled meat, cabbage puree, compote

You can cook the allowed purges according to your own diet recipe. Do not be afraid to experiment, and then the diet menu will be not only useful, but also very tasty.

Diet in children with dysbacteriosis: main features

In children and infants dysbiosis can occur fairly frequent. The main reasons for this disorder in kids:

  • transition from breast feeding to artificial;
  • malnutrition;
  • previously the introduction of lure.

Strict diets are not recommended At an early age. If the baby has a normal stool and does not suffer from abdominal pain, it is not necessary to give him probiotics.

Diet in dysbacteriosis: features of therapeutic nutrition

In this case will be enough special children's diet. The diet is developed taking into account the same recommendations as the menu for adults, but with some improvements and additions.

For example, any semi-finished products, including store juices, should be excluded from the diet menu. Cook porridge with low-fat milk.

Attention! In any case, you can not put the child on a strict diet, especially – on a monodiet.

The longer symptoms of dysbacteriosis are manifested, the longer it is necessary to adhere to a special diet so that the intestinal microflora is completely restored.

Diet in dysbacteriosis: results

Diet in dysbacteriosis: features of therapeutic nutrition

The Right menu allows you to achieve good results.  After 4-5 days of the diet, the intestinal microflora will return to normal, painful and unpleasant symptoms will disappear, the stool will normalize.

To always stay healthy, be sure to watch your diet, strengthen the immune system, replenish the reserves of useful vitamins and minerals. Be healthy!

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