Diet for diabetics

Diabetes develops when the pancreas does not produce sufficient the hormone insulin, the result – a violation of metabolism, in particular carbohydrate.
Among the causes of diabetes – food consumption, containing easily digestible carbohydrates (primarily refined sugar) in large quantities, overweight.

Diet for diabetes prescribed by a doctor, takes into account the blood sugar level, the weight of the patient, especially diseases, including concomitant diseases, tolerance of products by the body.

Diet in diabetes also depends on patient's age and type of diabetes (type I – insulin dependent, or type II – insulin-independent). The first type most often affects children and young people, the diet in this case should be sufficiently high-calorie, the second type – most often the lot of people of Mature and elderly age, usually overweight.

The Following diet for type 2 diabetics it is recommended by doctors of alternative medicine, and if you decide to try it, be sure consult your doctor.

High carb diet and plant fiber is an alternative to the diet usually recommended by doctors, and advises diabetics to follow these guidelines in planning their daily diet:

  • 70-75% complex carbohydrates,
  • 15-20% Belkov,
  • 5-10% fat.

It is Necessary to choose carbohydrate products with high fiber content (vegetables, fruits, berries, buckwheat, brown rice, oat grains).

This diet enhances the ability of insulin to use glucose in blood as energy resource, reducing the level of cholesterol in blood, preventing the development of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, as well as helping losing weight with diabetes type II.

Okra (okra fruit) or peas can help stabilize blood sugar levels and enrich the diet with fiber high in complex carbohydrates.

Some research results show that cinnamon may reduce the need for insulin in type II diabetes. By adding 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to your food as a seasoning each time you eat, you can help regulate your blood sugar.

Nutritionists insist on the importance of sufficient content in food vitamins and minerals including the following: vitamin B6, B12, C, magnesium, zinc, potassium and copper. Talk to your doctor about taking a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Another recipe:
At initial stages sugar diabetes II type regulate level of sugar in blood will help such drink:

The Juice of two grapefruits mixed with a glass of water and drink throughout the day.

Grapefruit Juice is also useful in obesity, hypertension, helps to restore strength. Drink this grapefruit drink is recommended no more than once every two days. Contraindications – high acidity of gastric juice, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

For sugar type II diabetes can help the Mediterranean diet

Italian scientists have found that compliance Mediterranean diet useful for patients with type II diabetes, in addition, such a diet will allow diabetics to reduce excess weight and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system.

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