Diet for diabetes – the rules of the diet, allowed foods.

Diabetes is a serious disease. Of course, of great importance in this disease is nutrition in diabetes. It should normalize the level of sugar in the body, and sometimes can bring it back to normal even without the help of special medicines. However, the diet for diabetes should be observed and patients taking medication. Food for type 2 diabetes are required to return the cells lost sensitivity to insulin and ability to absorb sugar. It is quite possible to do this, just by removing from your home the so-called "products-provocateurs."

What can be there is?

So, what to eat in diabetes? The menu is quite extensive, although many products are prohibited. Diabetic should use:

  • fresh fruit (peaches, sweet and sour apples, grapefruits and lemons), the daily dose of which should not exceed 150-200 g;
  • meals made from offal or beef that can be consumed twice a week to saturate the body with proteins and essential vitamins contained in the meat. However, it is best to replace beef with chicken meat;
  • fish dishes and dishes prepared from seafood is also generating a lot of diabetics use;
  • dairy products in diabetes – yogurt, kefir, two cups of unsweetened yogurt a day (sometimes a little skim milk, nonfat yogurt, nonfat cheese);
  • egg white;
  • raw, boiled and stewed vegetables containing a minimum of carbohydrates and starch.

Foods that should not be consumed

Diet at of diabetes will require, of course same, to abandon certain products. These include:

  • sugar content in the diet must be reduced gradually;
  • sweets, replace which can be, last resort, bitter chocolate;
  • flour products, cookies, muffins (their quantity should be limited as much as possible, replacing protein-wheat and protein-bran bread);
  • vegetables with a high content of carbohydrates and starch;
  • sweet fruits – strawberries, grapes, bananas;
  • fruit juices (at least – diluted with water);
  • fast food and products with saturated fats (it is necessary to stop on light vegetable fats).

In A word, fatty, saturated with carbohydrates and too sweet food is contraindicated for diabetics, since the increased content of sugar and fat in the body will lead to the progression of the disease. Amount of fat in the diet of the patient, for example, should not exceed 40 g per day. Accordingly, the amount of sausage, sausages, cheese, mayonnaise, etc. should be reduced to a minimum. it is Worth noting still and the, that any form of this disease will require strictly individual diets, so consultation doctor of diabetes simply is necessary. Properly selected diet normalizes the body's metabolism. By the way, medical nutrition will not hurt healthy people, as it will prevention of diabetes, well, for those who already suffer from this disease – a great way to minimize medication. Thus, this diet is an excellent tool, which has long been agreed by experienced physicians. The importance of proper nutrition for diabetics is very difficult to overestimate. Following an appropriate diet, a person fulfills the necessary condition for successful treatment and maintenance of good health. This diet is the so-called "control lever" of the disease, controlling blood sugar levels. By the way, patients with diabetes are forbidden to drink alcohol, (at least, it is necessary to reduce consumption to a minimum). Alcohol does not allow carbohydrates to enter the bloodstream, which can lead to hypoglycemia. Smoking is strictly prohibited for patients.

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