Diet for children

Diet for children

What methods of weight loss do not practice in our time. Special soups, mixtures, diet on fruits, cereals, protein, etc. But be careful, because mindlessly dieting without consulting a doctor is not recommended, it can lead to unexpected consequences. So first consult with experts, and then proceed to weight loss.

Baby food: diet

We Offer you a very interesting method to lose weight on baby food. This method was first invented by French fashion designer Edie Slimane. Upon today it introduced many innovations, so there are several options for this method. For example, one of the versions - the use of any baby food. Only it is necessary to monitor the number of calories eaten per day - there should be no more than 1000. There are other options, for example, when you can eat any food, but in small portions, as for a child. Resolved purees, cereals, cheese. Prohibited pasta, fatty meat.

Diet baby food can be form of fasting days. Allowed fruit puree, but preferably without sugar and a maximum of ten jars . Other products are not recommended.

Diet for children

Baby food: cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese as one of the most important elements of baby food is also often used for weight loss. It has a lot of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins B6 and PP, amino acids, but at the same time about 3 % carbohydrates. The norm for an adult per day - this product. Thanks to proteins cottage cheese perfectly breaks down amino acids. At the same time, cottage cheese is a low-calorie product, which contains from 230 to 155 kcal depending on the fat content of the product. Of course, ideally, a diet for children should consist of low-fat cottage cheese.

Baby food: calorie

There are many kinds of baby foods that can be successfully used by adults. One option is vegetable puree. It can be prepared from zucchini, carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, potatoes. Calorie it is on average 22 calories per . Of course, it is better to cook at home.

Baby food for weight loss is used in the form of fruit puree. It is mainly made from apples, plums, pears, currants, raspberries and rich in vitamins, fiber and organic acids. The calorie content is 60 calories.

Diet that uses a baby food, can't do without kas. It can be buckwheat, rice, pearl barley, wheat porridge. They are quite nutritious and rich in vitamins, and on average contain about 300 kcal.

Diet for children

How to gain weight baby food

It Turns out, can be not only to lose weight, and also to garner weight baby food. But the effect will be achieved only with regular sports. The fact that such food is rich in proteins that help build muscle mass.

Diet for children

Truth about child nutrition

Be careful when choosing the brand of this product, because sometimes there are fakes. Unfortunately, some manufacturers produce low-quality product, they contain GMOs. Of course, using this diet, you can always easily calculate caloric content, but on the other hand, its limitation sometimes leads to metabolic disorders. Besides, this food is not to everyone's taste. Therefore, before proceeding to such a diet, consult your doctor. Also, you can first try to sit on a diet for a few days and check your health. If you feel fine - then this kind of food suits you.

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