Diet for blood group 1: diet and nutrition rules

According to the concept of naturopathy Dr. Peter D'adamo, eating for your unusual group of blood products are negatively perceived by medicinali at the genetic level. This provokes toxic damage to the body and weight gain. But eating in accordance with their blood group, a person cleanses the body. As a result, there is a launch of the natural process of weight loss.

Peter D'adamo believes that the first the oldest blood group was the CRO-magnon hunters, so its carriers should eat mostly meat products. Next, consider in detail the rules and the approximate menu of the diet for 1 blood group.

Diet Rules

  1. Try to be limited to rare meals, as was usual in ancient people. Smaller meals may trigger allergic reactions.
  2. eat meat Daily. Better if it will not deep fried (with blood) or steamed.
  3. Eat lots of sea fish and seafood. They activate the function of the thyroid gland, with which there are often problems in the owners of group 1 blood.
  4. give Up legumes as they are alien to the body of the CRO-magnon hunter. Also exclude milk and dairy products from the diet. In ancient times, people did not have Pets, and therefore dairy products are poorly digested by the owners of 1 blood group.
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  1. do Not abuse the products of flour and cereals. This is especially true of oats, wheat, oats and bran.
  2. Fruits, nuts, mushrooms and vegetables have a neutral effect on the owners of the first group of blood, therefore, their use is permissible in limited quantities. From all types of nuts choose walnuts.
  3. Drink a warm, non-carbonated water, herbal teas, carrot or prune juice, and alcohol eliminate. Only a little dry red wine is allowed.
  4. Add ginger root, turmeric, cloves and Cayenne pepper. These spices relieve inflammation and protect the gastrointestinal tract from pathological processes.

Approximate menu

Option # 1

Breakfast: fruit salad with walnuts.

Lunch: baked trout and vegetables.

Dinner: steamed chicken breast.

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Option # 2

Breakfast: a piece of rye bread with a slice of boiled meat.

Lunch: Turkey meatballs and squash puree.

Dinner: shrimp and seaweed salad.

Before using this diet, be sure to consult your doctor. There are contraindications for people with renal pathologies, chronic diseases, problems with the stomach and intestines.

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If you want to achieve positive dynamics not only in the normalization of weight, but also in health, then this diet should always be followed. It will not be difficult if you show patience at the beginning of the journey!

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