Diet for arthritis: features of diet for arthritis, food for Norman Childers and menu for the week

Arthritis is a joint disease accompanied by an inflammatory process. The disease causes pain that increases during movement. In the treatment of arthritis, not the last place is a diet aimed at reducing the intensity of symptoms and improving overall health. It is enough to give up some products to recover faster.

Treatment and nutrition for arthritis

Both concepts are inextricably linked. Unable to secure effective treatment for arthritis, if you do not follow a special diet. With the help of drug therapy, you can reduce the intensity of symptoms, but the disease after a time will make itself felt if you do not adhere to proper nutrition. The treatment regimen, as well as the diet, is made by the doctor. Also in conjunction with the above helps Ayurveda.

What should not be consumed?

If you limit your diet, you can reduce the pain and inflammation, swelling, which are constant companions in arthritis (fingers, hands, feet, knee and ankle, big toe). Under the ban is all food from fast food, alcoholic beverages, dishes with a high salt content (it can be deposited in the joints, which will lead to a complication of the disease).

It is Undesirable to use in the menu food with concentrated sugar, which is the cause of excess weight and joint deformation. Due to the content of animal products arachidonic acid, leading to inflammatory processes, their use is also not recommended.

What foods not to eat with arthritis?

The forbidden ingredients in this disease include:

  • meat dishes;
  • alcoholic and energy drinks;
  • honey;
  • chocolate;
  • chips, crackers and other products containing TRANS fats;
  • egg yolk;
  • cod liver;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • butter.

Eggplant and tomatoes should be excluded From vegetables.

Note: it is Especially important to follow a diet when arthritis is in the acute stage. But in the future it is not necessary to let the disease take its course.

A period of exacerbation is allowed to use dairy products (milk is not recommended), black beans, almonds, salmon, apples, ginger, porridge, vegetables. Necessarily in the diet of fish presence. Allowed the use of meat in remission, but preference should be given to rabbit and chicken.

Menu on week under arthritis

Below is an approximate menu for the week.


  1. Breakfast – fruits, tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – vegetable-based broth.
  3. Lunch – vegetable salad with lemon juice, light barley soup, beans with salmon in stew, plums.
  4. Dinner – salad with parsnip and beetroot.


  1. Breakfast – fruits, herbal tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – boiled egg white.
  3. Lunch – vegetable soup, salad and meat cutlets, berries.
  4. Dinner – salad from carrot and beet, cottage cheese casserole.


  1. Breakfast - porridge and green tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – baked Apple.
  3. Lunch – easy soup, meatballs, salad from cabbage, compote.
  4. Dinner – cauliflower and steamed chicken.


  1. Breakfast – fruit and tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – cottage cheese casserole.
  3. Lunch – fish soup, vegetable salad, beans in stewed form.
  4. Dinner – baked potatoes, fish cutlets, compote.


  1. Breakfast – an egg-white omelette, fruit and green tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – apple.
  3. Lunch – beetroot soup, rabbit in Teschen, the compote.
  4. Dinner – boiled pink salmon, green beans, Morse.


  1. Breakfast - sauerkraut and buckwheat porridge.
  2. Second Breakfast – berries.
  3. Lunch – soup on vegetable broth, salad, rice with chicken fillet, compote.
  4. Dinner – cheesecake, green tea.


  1. Breakfast – boiled protein, tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – fruit.
  3. Lunch – soup, boiled chicken breast, potatoes, juice.
  4. Dinner – buckwheat porridge with fish, dried fruit compote.

Diet for arthritis: how to get rid of the disease

It is recommended To drink a glass of yogurt or yogurt before going to bed.

Norman Childers Diet

The Essence of nutrition by the Norman method Childers is completely excluded from the diet of nightshade (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and others). It was found that their composition includes substances that are similar in effect to the drug. Norman Childers offers everyone who wants to avoid or get rid of arthritis, not to eat vegetables from the nightshade family. According to him, this method is effective not only in the fight against the disease, it helps to improve overall health.

Diet for arthritis: how to get rid of the disease

Diet at deforming polyarthrosis

Arthritis and arthrosis are similar diseases. Both diseases are characterized by disorders in the joints. Diet with deforming polyarthrosis is based on the mandatory use of seafood. In arthrosis, as well as osteochondrosis, it is recommended to include sardine, herring and other fish in the diet containing a full protein and omega-3 acids. These products can be used both separately and used for the preparation of various dishes'.

Diet for arthritis: how to get rid of the disease

It is Also necessary to use gelatin (jelly, jelly). Do not forget about fresh fruits and vegetables.

Following a special diet, after a certain time, the symptoms of the disease will be less frequent and less intense.

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