Diet for a teenager with the answer how to lose weight teenage girl in 13-14 years: the right diet, PP, exercise

the Problem of excess weight can be a concern not only adults, but also children's. In adolescents, weight sometimes increases due to genetic characteristics, diseases, malnutrition and sedentary lifestyles. If the problem of excess weight has arisen, it must be urgently addressed to avoid health problems. There are different ways to lose weight for teenagers. Suitable proper diet, as well as other methods that are acceptable for children.

How to lose weight teenager at the age of 13-14?

Age 12,13,14 years old is considered an adolescent, and while some girls and boys are rapidly gaining in number. Parents should be worried about it, because because of the extra pounds a teenager may have health problems and peers. First of all, you should refer to endocrinologist, as this could happen due to hormonal failure. And in this problem it is necessary to understand as soon as possible, so as not to spoil the child's future life.

But can be and such, that kilograms increased from-for misuse nutrition and insufficient physical activity. In this case, you will have to follow a certain diet to return to normal form.

What diet is suitable for a teenager?

Parents should carefully ensure that the child does not consume high-calorie food and does not deviate from the established diet. Then it will be possible to guarantee that a positive result will be achieved in the near future.

Ways to lose weight for teenagers

The Question of how to lose weight in adolescence is really important. Diet should be chosen specifically for a particular person, taking into account its characteristics. You can give General recommendations on what should be food for teenagers.

It is worth to say that the ideal diet for a teenage girl 14 years, however, as the boy is just eating right. The diet should contain vegetables, fruits, cereals, boiled meat, stewed low-fat fish, cereals and nuts. In order not to deprive the sweet, you can replace it with dried fruits and honey. They are useful, but only in small quantities.

To Eat, the child should be at least 3 times a day, preferably 5-6 times a small portions. Breakfast is recommended to prepare a dense, even flour products, but only up to 12 hours of the day. For lunch, you can cook lean meat or steamed fish, as a side dish is recommended to choose porridge – rice, buckwheat. Dinner should be light, suitable kefir, cottage cheese or vegetable salad.

What diet is suitable for a teenager?

It is Very desirable that the child drinks at least a liter of clean water a day. It is also acceptable to drink tea and (not more than one Cup) coffee. But here from sodas and purchased juices should be abandoned, as they contain dyes, sugar and are considered quite high-calorie.

Diets for children

Having Understood what should be the diet, you should be familiar with what kind of food just should not be. This will help not to make common mistakes that will not only prevent you from losing weight, but also harm your health.

Diets for children should not be harsh. This does not mean that you can allow there is harmful food – it is contraindicated even in small quantities. But the child can not starve. He should eat normally, consuming low-calorie and healthy foods. This is due to the fact that fasting has a bad effect on the body and causes problems with the digestive tract and cardiovascular system. In addition, the weight after them quickly returns.

By the way, not all vegetables can be eaten. Contraindicated potatoes in any form, as it prevents to get rid of extra pounds. And the meat is not everything is acceptable. It is undesirable to cook pork and mutton, as they are considered fatty. Better suited to chicken and beef.

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