Diet eyes a fitness trainer: the cons of mono

Cons of buckwheat dietBuckwheat diet – one of the ways to reduce weight, criticized by almost all fitness professionals. Western coaches EN masse against mono-diet – the lack of micronutrients, caloric deficit, dull and monotonous diet is not correlated with the modern Western "theory of a healthy way of life." Actually, in the US and Europe, something similar can be found only somewhere not far from yoga Studio or esoteric club. Mono-diet on steamy rump most resembles macrobiotic diets.

Domestic nutritionists "settled down" in the range from "hatred to love" to buckwheat. But more or less well-known fitness specialists against the diet and fasting days in mono-style. What is so guilty porridge, and how to lose weight with buckwheat?

Cons buckwheat diet for the athlete

Athletes in this article we consider not let us – buckwheat diet'll do for in sport only for one purpose – to cause mobilization stress and "load" the athlete carbohydrates before the next drying. The "watershed" between sports and physical education lies not only in the number but also in the quality of training.

If the goal is to burn calories, tighten up problem areas and just to move, we are talking about physical education. Consider the disadvantages of buckwheat diet in this case.

    Typical buckwheat day – 1 Cup steamed cereals and half a liter of kefir – contains about 28 g of protein and 800 kcal.

This "diet" from the point of view of rules on proteins and calories only enough a woman weighing 52 to 55 kg. Agree, very few girls with such parameters generally are started to lose weight, and not they need it. In all other cases, the diet leads to a slowdown in metabolism, so the usual regime of weight loss in the style of "strength plus aerobics plus diet" can have quite harmful consequences for health.

First of all, a small amount of protein and almost zero – essential amino acids lead to delayed recovery of muscle tissue after exercise. So how to "sit" on the recommended buckwheat up to 2 weeks, you need to "invent" such a plan of exercises which would ensure the lifting of the muscles, fat-burning, but at the same time, does not load the body tremendously.

Simple math suggests that burning more than 200 kcal in class means putting the body at risk of starvation. All this makes the preparation of the training plan quite a challenge. Meanwhile, in numerous articles about the buckwheat diet, we meet calls to engage in physical education. How to be?

Training plan for buckwheat diet

Train with small weights or your own body weight. Perform 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions of exercises, and do not overstrain while walking and running.

30 minutes walk. You just started a diet, it would be logical to work out actively, but it will only add stress – few people like unsalted buckwheat, and then there is also sports. The probability of failure!

5 minutes walk
Buttocks: Perform a series of simple attacks without burdening. Then do 50 slow strokes each leg back. Complete series 4-5 approaches any exercises, and a 15 minute walk

Dance for 30 minutes to your favorite music.

5 minutes warm-up walk, then a series of push-UPS from the floor, and the usual squats. At the end of the press.

Go to the pool and swim at an average pace of 45 minutes. Water helps to massage the muscles and you will not look "not very" after almost five days without full protein.

Saturday and Sunday are rest days. Walk and move more.

And those who are engaged in yoga or Pilates, there is no need to invent something additional, do your usual practice, but practice every other day, so as not to overexert yourself.

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