Diet Elena Vaenga: as a singer quickly got rid of 15 kg

Singer Elena Vaenga can boast of a perfect figure, but it was not always so. After birth her weight was over 80 kg. the Singer realized that I needed to lose weight, but always put the fight against obesity.

For powerful motivation Elena grateful to his concert Director Ruslan, with which she sealed bet about how, that will lose weight on 15 kg for 4 month. As a result, the singer won a landslide victory over the excess weight!

As has lost weight Elena Vaenga

Deciding to lose weight, the singer immediately refused from strict diets in favor of reasonable principles of nutrition that are not harmful to health. Consider the most important of them:


Elena refused fried dishes, fatty foods, smoked products, flour products, sugar, potatoes and fast food. The basis of its diet was low-fat varieties of meat and fish, seafood, salads of starchy vegetables and whole grain porridge.

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2️⃣ "Yes!"useful sweets

To satisfy its need in sweet, singer eaten dried fruits, black chocolate and honey, but in strictly limited numbers and only in the first half of days.


Elena strictly observe the drinking regime and every day drank at least 2 liters of water, as it accelerates the metabolism and cleanses the body from the accumulated harmful substances. She also often drank green tea and herbal infusions.

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4️⃣ food Diary

Vaenga kept a food diary in which she wrote down everything she ate during the day. The singer is sure that this is a great tool to control your eating behavior. If the weight is in place, the diary will help to identify an error in the diet or mode foods.

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In conclusion, it is worth noting that losing weight Elena helped not only diet, but also regular swimming training. This sport perfectly corrects the figure and charges with positive emotions for the whole day!

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