Diet Elena Malysheva for weight loss

Elena – presenter of TV program "Health", and beautiful woman. Of course, diet Elena Malysheva is designed not only to achieve optimal results in weight loss, but also to improve the body.


Basic rules of diet
Exemplary menu for weight loss on malyshevoy
Psychology of weight loss in the diet Malysheva
Diet Malysheva Elena: reviews thinner

Malyshev did not hide the fact that she life to keep yourself in shape, struggling with temptations. As a doctor and author of the program "Health", she understands that a person is overweight predisposed to hypertension, diabetes, diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract...

Therefore, the health program declared war on overweight, and nutritionists have developed this system of nutrition.

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Diet BabyDiet Malysheva: menu for the week for free

Elena Malysheva's Diet is designed for a long term (at least 2-3 months). This is not so much a diet (by this word we are used to understand the short-term restrictions in the diet), and the nutrition system, the fundamental factor of which is the absence of harm to organism's.

Basic rules diets from Elena Malysheva

All who were sitting on a diet will agree with the statement: "the hardest part of the diet is not to lose weight and not gain it again." If you follow all the rules of this diet, your chances to lose weight and keep the weight seriously increase.

Rule the first and the main.
As Elena Malysheva says, diet is not a rejection of food. Don't starve!

Do Not think that eating even less than allowed diet, you will lose weight faster. Yes, a short-term result may be, but then you get only slowing metabolism (starving body struggling not to give their stocks, as well as to accumulate new for a rainy day), and therefore less pronounced result. And if there is a disruption and deviation from diet – quick weight gain back. In order to that it didn't occur, it is necessary, according to Malysheva, "all the time to feed an organism".

Therefore, we recommend that fractional power. Eat small portions 5 times a day (3 main meals and 2 snack). It is this scheme of nutrition, even with a low-calorie diet, that allows the body to maintain a high metabolism, does not encourage it to go into a saving mode, which means that weight loss is really possible. A man, who adheres to this food, can lead a normal life, not thinking all the time about what you want to eat.

Count calories.
In an average woman, leading not particularly physically active lifestyle, is enough to consume about 1200 Kcal per day. It is this amount of calories and recommends daily gain Elena Malysheva.

Recommended: to make a diet menu for the day take advantage of our online calorie counter.

Caloric Content of each product can be found on the package, or in calorie table.

This amount can and should be changed, choosing for themselves depending on lifestyle (if you lead an active lifestyle, calorie intake should be significantly higher), age, sex. Ideally, if the caloric content of the diet will calculate, and the menu will be personalized for you're a dietitian.

It is Equally important to choose what we eat correctly.

Only quality, fresh and healthy foods should be Chosen. Carefully study the composition, there should be only natural ingredients, without any additives and dyes.

Diet Elena Malysheva involves minimizing the use of:

• animal and vegetable fats,
• salt,
• sugar, sweets, his containing,
• flour products, potatoes, rice, carrots, beets,
• refusal of any alcoholic beverages.

Especially in the first months of the Malysheva diet, the result in weight loss has not yet been achieved.
Diet Elena Malysheva
At the same time, carbohydrate products (flour products, potatoes, rice, carrots, beets) should not be used with any fat-containing (dairy products, fatty meat).

Approximate weight loss menu for Malysheva:

8.00 – Breakfast. Pour boiling water oatmeal, cook it is not necessary, there you can add the grated Apple, berries. You can eat more low-fat yogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese.
10.00 am – second Breakfast. Two apples or Mandarin, and other fruits.
12.00 – lunch. Protein product – lean meat, chicken or fish, egg, any greens. Minimum salt, lemon juice can be used instead.
16-17.00 – afternoon snack. Two apples or tangerine, other fruits.
Dinner (no later than 19.00). Vegetable salads, low-fat kefir, you Can eat an egg.

In Addition, during the day it is desirable to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water, 1 glass an hour before meals and 1 glass an hour after meals.

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Basic rules of the baby diet – limited to the amount of calories and eat natural, healthy food.

Psychology of weight loss in the diet Malysheva

Order the food was good, a custom body on a positive acceptance of the food. "Convince" him that we are not going to starve him. For this purpose during meal sentence: "I feed you, please, eat". Such a diet, as Elena says, can improve the absorption of useful substances'.

Food, presented with love and respect to own body, will bring only favor of.

Do Not neglect this advice. Listening to your body, we will quickly feel the signals of saturation. In addition, the unusual nature of these actions leads to a more conscious eating, and therefore less likely to overeat.

After diet
Adhering to this diet, gradually you will come to your ideal weight. Continue to be a weight to hold.

In order not to gain weight again, it is best to eat well for life and further. Moreover, the diet of Elena Malysheva does not imply strict restrictions on food.  Of course, you can allow small deviations during the holidays, for example.
If these principles become the norm for you, weight loss is guaranteed.

Elena Malysheva's Diet: reviews thinner

Anna, 25 years. Until a certain age, I never thought about proper nutrition, until there were health problems and extra pounds. Now on the Internet about diets write all and Sundry, but mostly it is a complete absurdity such as "diet on activated carbon" But then found a diet Malysheva. Firstly, Elena has a slender figure, despite her age, this already says a lot. Second, it offers a completely logical healthy system foods. As a result, I got – good health, dropped already 5 kg, combined with the loads managed to tighten the flabbiness on the body. This is the best result that could be expected.

Arina, 35 years old. Always been overweight. Most recently, did not eat correctly. Little had Breakfast, missed Lunches, and came home eating a hearty dinner for three. Thanks to the diet of Elena Malysheva I lost 15 kg. What you need. Fractional food should be eaten in small portions 5 times a day. it is necessary to reduce about the minimum – salt, sugar, sweet, fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, etc. (see the table on the website). Not a little important factor is the psychology of man. You need to tune in to the fact that you need to lose weight and go to this goal wisely. Diet Elena Malysheva is actually very simple, and most importantly that you do not go hungry.

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