Diet "eat-stop-eat"

Smaller meals, rich Breakfast, vyschityvanii energy intake... About these truths for weight loss now you can forget. At least, this opinion is shared by supporters of the newfangled methodology.

The eat-stop-eat Diet was developed by brad Pilon, a fitness trainer from Canada. Many years of experience allowed him to conclude that neither dietary Supplements, nor medications, nor classic diets do not help to keep the optimal weight throughout life. To get out of the vicious circle, brad has developed something unique.

The Essence of the diet "eat-stop-eat" and its benefits

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The Essence is very simple: 1-2 times a week you refuse to eat for 16 hours or a day, and the rest of the time stick to your usual diet. It turns out that with this approach you can save about 3,000 kcal per week. And it is not so little: 3000 calories are equal to 400 g of pure fat!

Experts who are supporters of this technique, argue that periodic rejection of food is a good shake-up for the body and leads to an acceleration of metabolism. Also, the diet "eat-stop-eat" helps to reduce the level of glucose and insulin in the blood, which is very important for weight loss. Statistics say that it helps to get rid of even old fat deposits, which could not cope with any other diet.

Interesting fact! Laboratory studies conducted in Japan have shown that periodic fasting contributes to tissue renewal and slowing down processes agings.


How to comply "posts"

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To easily tolerate the diet "eat-stop-eat", the following recommendations should be followed:

  • "Post" should be carried out not more often two times a week from evening to noon. That is, you have dinner, go to bed and refuse Breakfast. The period of hunger strike in this case is 16 hours.
  • You can skip lunch if you want. Then the time "post" will increase to 24 hours.
  • In times of hunger have not. You can only drink pure still water, coffee without sugar and cream, as well as green tea.
  • After a hungry day, first of all, it is recommended to eat some vegetable or fruit, and only then "lean" on meat and cereals.

Important! Before applying the diet is recommended to consult a doctor.

This power supply system recently insanely popular in Silicon valley, where people, on the one hand, always take care of their health, and on the other – it is difficult for them to allocate time for three main meals. In order to achieve maximum effect diet "eat-stop-eat" is recommended to combine with regular physical exercises and home body wrap .

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