Diet: dried fruits and nuts for weight loss, reviews, menu

Among the many modern diets, each person tries to find the unique and effective diet that is right for him. Perhaps your diet will be a diet based on dried fruits and nuts, with the content which you will be able to see further.
A diet based on dried fruits and nuts can be observed for no more than 5 days. Weight loss will be up to 1 kg per day.

From the title it is clear that basic foods in this diet – dried fruits and nuts. Dried fruits include dried apricots, raisins, prunes, and small amounts of candied fruit. Nuts for this diet can take any.

Diet Menu: dried fruits and nuts

  • Every morning you take 150 gr. any nuts, and 300 gr. any dried fruit. Mix everything together, and you get a vitamin mixture that you need to use during the day.
  • For convenience, provide better absorption and control appetite it is desirable to divide daily portion of the mixture for 4-5 parts.

To Drink while on a diet need water or tea. All other drinks, including coffee and dairy, are not needed.

The Benefits of this diet are as follows. You eat delicious food every day, which in itself is nice. Candied fruits, which can also be added to the mixture, are sweet, so the main problem of all losing weight people – the lack of sweet – you are not threatened. So, the mood during the diet will be positive.

Dried fruits are easy to eat at work, on the road, on a walk, and not have to stand at the stove, preparing tricky and terribly tasteless diet meals. This leads to the conclusion that a diet based on dried fruits and nuts – salvation for a person whose schedule of the day planned down to the second.

But, as and in any diet, in this diet there is their cons. The absence of dairy products and meat for such a long time is not the most useful choice. Also, with this diet, it is easy to break, and instead of 450 grams. of the mixture a day to fill all the shelves.

Contraindications to diet are any disease liver and stomach.

In General, this fast diet does not make you starve because nuts and dried fruits are high in calories. It may well be a convenient way to lose a couple of pounds before a family celebration or corporate fun.

The advantages of the diet include the fact that the body will receive the necessary vitamins from dried fruits and nuts.

However, if extreme weight loss is not for you, dried fruits and nuts can be used as healthy snack.

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