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Dr. Bormental's diet.Diet Dr. Bormental interested in very many girls. No joke, it really is all lose weight, and this is not a gimmick. However, not always universal solutions are the best. We are well aware that the more effective the diet, the stricter it is or the more it changes our usual life. Clinics "Bormental" guarantee you can lose weight "without dieting, without restrictions, fasting, exercise". At the same time, bookstores can be found the work of the founders of the clinic under the same name. More than half of the book is just about how to eat to lose weight. Where did the diet Bormenthal?

Diet Dr. Bormental: official version

Why "bimetalic" deny weight loss diet and offer their customers a, but still called "weight loss without restrictions"?

It's All about the psychological preparation, which they consider to be a mandatory part of any "diet" of activities. The authors of the method believe that if a person aware of the "non-food" reasons that lead him to overeating, he will be able to follow almost any diet, and this way will not be accompanied by suffering. Little to eat, to lose weight, it does not choose specific products actually possible. And the method of dietary restriction there is one – you have count calories.

Losing Weight on Bormental: counting calories

Counting calories, recording everything that hits you in the stomach, that is the only "undisputed" postulate diet Bormenthal. Your main task is to record, weigh, count, and then eat. The clinic Bormental believe that you need to eat only 1000-1600 kcal per day to lose weight. At the same time, women with sedentary work and a measured lifestyle are sometimes recommended to reduce the caloric content to 1000 kcal/day. On this number of calories, you, so to speak, can not deny yourself anything. The only moment – you will be asked not to give up low-fat animal protein, and the rest, you can eat whatever you want, even rolls and chocolates.

In Addition to strict calorie counting, the Bormental diet includes 1-2 fasting days per week. And they should be arranged regardless of whether you have exceeded the caloric content of food or not. The diet of Dr. Bormental is designed to enable a person to lose weight to normal weight. Once this happens, you should go to the maintenance phase and gradually increase caloric content. Upper limits are set individually, the values of at which the person is not recovering, but not losing weight.

Diet Bormental and sport

In fact, the authors of the method believe that for weight loss enough to engage in light physical activity like walk. At the same time, sport plays an exclusively health-improving and restorative role in the program. Training is not aimed at weight loss. "Bimetalic" often like to say something like: "Aspectological never thin." There is in mind, that sport only reinforces appetite and that's why an average lady is better and does live without it.

Instead of sports, my patients doctors clinics recommended physiotherapy and massages. The main task of these actions is to relieve stress, tighten the skin and model the figure. If you are used to doing fitness or yoga, regularly visit the club on your own initiative, you will be allowed to eat ...200-300 kcal more. That's how much, according to the authors of the Bormental diet, a woman spends on training.

Diet Dr. Bormental's: pros and cons

No One says, that can be lose weight, not limiting themselves in nutrition. However, the truth is that it is incredibly difficult to eat 1000 kcal and remain a healthy woman with a fast metabolism.

the Minimum rate of who to maintain the rate of metabolic processes is 1200 kcal per day. If a person actively moves or systematically trains, you can lose weight and 1500 and even 2000 kcal. What is important is not the number of "how many calories", but their correct distribution, compliance with the basic exchange and daily human activity, and the quality of products. Bormental diet, unfortunately, does not take into account such an indicator as the individual rate of metabolic processes. During the preparation of the diet and ignored the numbers basic metabolism patient. There is no gradation of calories depending on the goals.

So, the first significant minus diets Bormental – she unbalanced, and not is oriented on your personal needs. From this it follows that this plan is categorically not like to lose weight to those who engaged in fitness systematically.

    Strength training plus a stressful diet equals a serious reduction in muscle mass and slowing metabolism.

Plus method is that on a low-calorie diet lose weight really all. Perhaps a crumb of chocolate or a drop of ice cream, which are allowed on the diet of Bormental and increase the comfort of dieting for someone. So that conditional "no restrictions" is playing in the team losing weight. However the complexity of the diet is just the need to constantly count calories. That, you see, it is quite difficult if you travel a lot, try unfamiliar dishes or eat in restaurants.

Strict restrictive nutrition can provoke various kinds of eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, uncontrolled overeating. The reason is that our psyche still perceives calorie counting and mini-pieces as a ban. As a result, you can buy almost manic craving for those products that before the diet and did not notice.

And the most significant claim to The Bormental method is that it is aimed exclusively at weight loss. Not always losing weight on a very restrictive diet without fitness carries "solid pros" for health. It may turn out that balanced 1600 kcal plan with sports three times a week will be healthier for you than 1000 kcal plus no activities.

If you want to learn more about the methods of medical and psychological center "Dr. Bormental" offer to purchase the book:

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