Diet celery dishes, recipes for weight loss and health

Read about the benefits of celery for weight loss and health. There is also a recipe for "slimming" soup. And in this article we have collected How to cook celery, recipes submitted by readers of the website.

Celery dishes


  • I drink the juice from the celery and lemon: a glass of juice about half a lemon can be a bit less, taste of course specific, but when you get used to it – love it,
    after a glass of juice in the morning – all day you feel cheerfulness, disappeared problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in heat – decreases sweating.


  • Huge thank you for information. Want to share a recipe of your favourite dish: 1kg of roots, 1 kg of lemons, 500g of honey. Roots and lemons twist on a meat grinder, add honey. There is until food on 1st. spoon. Tasty, but as helpful!


  • Advise try a delicious dish: stems of a miracle vegetable (200g) cut+1 Apple (cut into strips) +1 St l. raisins + a handful of nuts (walnuts or cedar) + sauce: 100g low-fat natural yogur + 100g strawberries(mash, you can frozen)+1 tsp sugar. Tasty and healthy!

Natasha In:

  • I Want to share a soup recipe that helped me get rid of 8 kg in 3 months. Eat it 2-3 times a week.
    Tomato juice – 2l, celery root, Bulgarian green pepper, cabbage, green beans, greens. Do not add salt.


  • Try it! You will love my recipe:
    Celery stalks cut, so that they were like slices of lemon, put tuna on it, lightly squeeze the tuna from the juice(tuna is sold in each store jars, in its own juice), add the greens, mix everything, and fill - who like that, you can mayonnaise, and if vegetable oil, then before that a squeeze of lemon. Delicious and very healthy.

Bon appetit!!!


  • In the 25th week of pregnancy the doctors diagnosed "Abnormal weight gain"... on a diet put. Here is my recipe: 2-3 celery stalks, 1 carrot, 1 Apple. All grate on a medium grater, add 1/2 tsp honey (you can without it), 1 tbsp cream 10%. Yummy! Children, like me, love this salad!


  • And this soup with celery can not cook, just try to pour boiling water lightly fried vegetables, let stand, will become even more useful, and for weight loss all the potatoes in other soups and salads replace root, you'll like it.

Celery Salad for weight loss


  • Is this salad: stalks our vegetable 2pcs, 1 green Apple, squeeze half a lemon, some olive oil, the sour, but you get used to.


  • Salad: 1 chicken breast, 2-3 stalks of celery, tinned pineapple, 1 pack of rye crackers, mayonnaise for dressing.
    Boil the breast and cut it small pieces, the stem is also cut into pieces, mix everything, season with mayonnaise.


  • And I make a salad like this:
    Celery stalks, Peking cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper:) a little salt and seasoned with sunflower oil or olive. You can also add soy sauce, then you can not salt. Too tasty it turns out...


  • I Love this vegetable! Love it in salads. Usually do as the stalks (a lot), a little Apple, canned corn, lemon juice, olive oil (extra virzhin), salt to taste. I love it!
  • And now pregnant, so me pulling on such now: stems are, grated choked, garlic, sauce-mayonnaise with sour cream, a bit to put salt on it. Eat with multi-grain bread. I can't, I want this salad every day!


  • I ate a salad with celery and apples dressed with 1tbsp.l. olive oil (so much oil daily rate). I lost 10kg, But I didn't suffer. Breakfast includes coffee, boiled egg and rye bread. In the afternoon fish. In the evening cottage cheese or kefir not fatty, during the day salad, when you want to eat. Tasty, not hungry
    Actually, I used the root, but the petioles are much tastier and more effective (0 kcal). Grate a large Apple, about the same amount of celery. If the petioles, then about 3-4 pieces. fill with oil. For a change I even add lettuce, very good with olives, but then use linseed oil.
    Height 167 weight was 85 now 73,but I am 50 years old and hormonal changes, which complicates the process, but I'm losing weight on.


  • Traditional recipe dishes "hostess" (1-2 servings): 2 stalks of celery with herbs, 2 table. spoons of frozen, thawed corn, half a green Apple, 2 slices of lean ham or boiled smoked beef. To cut a long thin straw, fill with a teaspoon of mayonnaise. Very tasty, healthy and beautiful, can be served to guests.
    Frozen corn is less sweet than canned.
    Recommend celery and corn before cooking a few minutes to put out or hold a minute and a half in microwave.

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