Diet by colors. Color diet for weight loss

Dieta po cvetam

Those people who think that to stick to a diet painfully, difficult and boring very wrong, because they do not know what there is a beautiful and fun color diet for weight loss, recovery and purification. Its meaning is that every day of the week has its own color, which should be characterized by all the products that this day uses people. Such a power scheme can be to adhere to throughout life – its principles meet the principles of the monodiet. Color diet "7 days" does not give fast weight loss – you can lose about 3 kg every week, but this weight loss will not be painful for the body, but, on the contrary, saturate the body with additional nutrients and remove all toxins. All products are recommended to be cooked or steamed, or eaten raw.

Color diet according to rainbow colors – menu

Monday is white day

Products broad daylight is useful for colon and lung, in addition, products of this color eat chilled.

You Can eat: rice, boiled potatoes, barley, bananas, boiled egg white, coconut pulp, dairy products and white cheese, chestnuts, cauliflower, garlic, onion, white chicken, spaghetti.

Due to the fact that white products contain in their composition a lot of carbohydrates, so they need to be careful. White color – cold, remember, it gives energy.

Tuesday – red day

The Red color of the products of this day enhances blood circulation, improves muscle tone, is useful for the small intestine and heart. Red foods actively burn calories.

You Can eat: tomatoes, beets, sweet red pepper, cranberries and other red berries, red grapes, red beans, red wine.

Try it! Do not cook beets – it is better to prepare a delicious salad in Korean, which add tomatoes and red pepper.

Wednesday – green day

Green color relaxes and soothes the nervous system of the body.

You Can eat: kiwis, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts and seaweed, broccoli, lettuce, leafy vegetables, spicy green herbs, green tea.

Try it! Treat yourself to a herbal decoction or fragrant green tea. Magnesium, which is found in green products, supports the hormonal balance of the body in the normal and strengthens muscles.

Thursday – orange day

Color diet on Thursday offers joyful and Sunny food. Orange color at least and increases the appetite and promotes weight loss. In addition, it effectively strengthens the immune system.

You Can eat: mango, persimmon, orange tomatoes and sweet peppers, apricots, peaches, pumpkin, carrots, sea buckthorn, papaya, salmon meat.

These products contain a large number of carotenoids that prevent the development of cancer and colds, prevent aging. Of the proposed products can be made fresh juices, puree. Also, they are marinated and stewed – when processing the color is not lost.

Friday is purple day

Products that are recommended to be consumed on this day, have a purple color and can cause a slight hypnotic effect. They strengthen the immune system, have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

You Can eat: plum, black currant, blueberry, BlackBerry, tarragon, dark grapes, eggplants.

In Addition to their health properties, these products help fight obesity.

Saturday is a yellow day

Yellow products have a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular, digestive systems, pancreas and spleen, give health and beauty to the skin, hair, etc.

You Can eat: Mature cheese, egg yolk, honey, apricots, yellow bell pepper, corn, zucchini, apples, saffron, mustard, pineapple.

Sunday is a rest day

This day has no color, and therefore you can please yourself only with melt or mineral water. Sunday will be a fasting day.

Remember that you can only select two or three products from the list for each day, rather than eat all of the designated products. Diet is better to discuss with a specialist. Numerous surveys show that a color diet is only a benefit and positive feedback. After this diet You will enjoy good health and good mood will not leave you anymore!

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