Diet Anita Tsoy – menu of the "Golden dozen"

the Singer Anita Tsoy active in the struggle with excess weight for many years. In her youth, the actress was ready to put up with their extra pounds, as she could not lose weight for a long time, despite numerous attempts. But years later she decided to try again to find a beautiful slender figure and started to exercise, in parallel to design yourself a diet system that now bears the name "diet Anita Tsoi." What is this way to lose weight, we learn right now.

Artist recognized, that effectively lose weight she helped only two diets: the first tough enough, but the second version of the diet called the "Golden dozen" more gentle. Consider each of them.

Anita Tsoi diet menu

As has lost weight Anita Tsoi – two effective diets

The First kind of dietary nutrition – cucumber mono - – has a maximum severity and limitations in food. Its essence is as follows:

  1. Every day you need to eat 2 kilograms of fresh cucumbers
  2. Drinking daily 2 liters of water or green tea
  3. Before a dream to take a glass of kefir

"When I was 22 years old, I weighed more than 100 kg. But the desire to be healthy and beautiful helped me to lose 44 kg!"– shared in an interview with the singer.

According to Choi, this method need only "emergency" cases when you need to get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time.

Grapefruit diet should be observed only once a month. The principle of compliance is as follows: during the day alternate egg whites and grapefruit (10 meals a day) and drink 2 liters of water. The method is good in that it allows you to get rid of 3-4 kg of fat and saturates the body with vitamins.

Anita Tsoi and her "Golden ten"

Diet Anita Tsoi gold ten

The Popular singer was able to successfully combine their favorite diet, creating a 10-day weight loss course, which is called the "Golden ten". Its essence is that each day strictly adhere to various mediatically variations. Diet menu Anita Tsoi for 10 days:

  1. on the first day to eat cucumbers, drink 1% yogurt and parsley.
  2. the Next three days (2,3 and 4) – grapefruit diet.
  3. On the fifth day – cucumbers along with a couple of boiled eggs.
  4. On the sixth day you can already diversify the menu by tasting oatmeal with honey and Apple, yogurt, pears, beets and carrots.
  5. In seventh day permissible use low-fat meat with vegetables, and also fish (for example, Pollock)
  6. the Eighth day is the same as the fifth.
  7. In the ninth day cannabis buckwheat with onions, celery, carrot and cucumbers.
  8. In the last diet day Anita Tsoi: omelet, Apple, cod with vegetables and potatoes in uniform.

Exercise during the diet Anita Tsoi should be moderate – only 2-3 times a week. Judging by the reviews lost weight, in this way you can throw 15 kg in 3 months.


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