Diet Alsou – for the laziest

Alsou is a popular Russian pop singer and mother of two charming daughters. A few years ago, she was able not only to throw off the extra pounds, but also to keep the figure in perfect shape after the birth of children. Many fans of the stars, and just any want to become slender, interested in her experience of loss. Diet Alsou – what is it? Find out right now in this article.

How did the diet Alsu

As told the singer not just in his interviews, before the first pregnancy and delivery it is usually not worried on the subject of maintaining its shape. Since the girl led a very active lifestyle and had a completely normal metabolism, it was not even necessary to talk about overweight. At the same time, it should be noted that the food of the then rising pop star was not correct at all: Alsou ate fast food in a considerable amount, Breakfast was often ignored, but in the evening and at night, as they say, she did not starve herself.

Diet Alsou

But when the singer gave birth to daughters, everything changed overnight, and had to seriously reconsider your usual diet. Alsou decided to seek the help of a nutritionist, who picked up for her an effective way to lose weight through diet.

Diet for lazy from Alsou – hit the fat

Name "for the lazy" artist came up with herself. Actually, "laziness" is no need to starve or change their eating habits radically. That's all, what you need is to redistribute nutrients and adjust your eating behavior. According to star, carbohydrate intake should not be less than 50% and proteins and fats 25%.

Diet Alsu for the lazy implies that for Breakfast, you need eat 30% of all daily meals, at lunch – 45%, and for dinner, respectively, 25%.

Approximate menu diet Alsou "For the lazy"

  • Morning: any porridge, dairy products
  • Day: lean meat, fish and seafood
  • Evening: fresh vegetables, milk, kefir, yogurt or cottage cheese

Between meals as a light snacks star usually uses nuts, fruits and dried fruits.

Diet Alsou

Chocolate diet from Alsou

This method was also tested by a singer, but he refers to extreme diets and will suit only people with good health as it has numerous contraindications. The essence of chocolate diet is to throughout the day to eat 80-100 g of bitter chocolate, with water or green tea. It should be borne in mind that a long time to stick such a diet is by no means impossible, as it can lead to harmful consequences for health.

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