Diet after removal of appendicitis: the particular diet after surgery appendicitis and menu for the week

Appendicitis is a disease that is accompanied by an inflammatory process of the vermiform process of the rectum. There are several stages of the disease (right side pain, abdominal pain), sometimes it ends with a rupture of the Appendix. This, in turn, threatens to develop inflammation of the peritoneum. Treatment of appendicitis involves surgery followed by removal of the process. Given the violation of the integrity of the intestinal walls, diet after surgery plays an important role in the rehabilitation phase.

Diet and proper nutrition after appendicitis surgery

The Main condition in the first days after the operation is not to load the digestive system with heavy products, so it is worth eating less, and not to lift weights and not to drink alcohol. It is recommended to reduce the amount of food consumed, which leads to weight gain. When there is excess weight body, it makes it difficult to heal the wound formed after surgery. This leads to a rough scar and fistula.

It is Important to follow the doctor's recommendations so that the period of rehabilitation after surgery is successful.

Nutrition in the first 3 days after appendicitis removal

The First three days after surgery is a period of recovery. At this time, there is a lack of appetite in the patient. The doctors forbid not only eat the first 12 hours after surgery, but also drink water. Permitted only slightly wetting the lips. Sometimes medical workers allow you to make a few small SIPS of water.

If the patient feels well enough, at the end of the first day it is allowed to drink a small amount of broth based on rice, fruit jelly or low-fat broth. Solid food is still early, the digestive system will not accept it.

Important! On the second and third day after surgery, the main rule of the diet is to eat often and in small portions. It is worth noting that the food should be rubbed or served in liquid form.

Starting from the third day after appendicitis removal, it is allowed to include rice boiled on water in the diet, and it is also possible to diversify the menu with potato, pumpkin or squash puree, yogurt (the main thing is that it is unsweetened and natural). It is allowed to eat boiled meat (for with the exception of the fatty varieties), pre-pereterev it. Products that lead to flatulence in the intestine are excluded from the diet. Among them are beans, vegetables with a high content of fiber, milk and others. Fried, smoked, spicy, sour and salty food can have an irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive system. It should therefore also be deleted.

Diet after removal of Appendix: permitted and forbidden foods

Nutrition in subsequent days

At the fourth day after surgical treatment can be included in the diet of foods high in fiber. First of all, it is vegetables. They must be boiled or baked in the oven. Porridge should be prepared exclusively on water. Soups are cooked in vegetable broth and mashed. It is allowed to include baked fruits in the diet. Thanks to this diet, you can normalize the bowel, as well as avoid constipation.

Diet after removal of Appendix: permitted and forbidden foods

Nutrition after appendicitis removal it involves the gradual introduction of fish and meat (it is necessary that they were low-fat varieties), butter, dairy products. It is worth paying special attention to the drinking regime. It is required to drink a large amount of liquid. In the absence of contraindications, you need to use at least 8 glasses of water per day. It is advisable to drink the liquid a few minutes before a meal. Dishes are better to grind to a pasty consistency. They should be prepared for a couple or served boiled. Not it is allowed to eat fried, salted, smoked or spicy food. It is not recommended to include in your own diet muffin, high fat milk. It is undesirable to cook borsch, eat cheese and cottage cheese.

Diet after removal of Appendix: permitted and forbidden foods

What can I eat after surgery for appendicitis?

To the Patient after appendectomy the doctor has to explain that it is allowed to eat and from what it is necessary to refuse. It is important to listen to these recommendations, because it depends on recovery of the body and General well-being. Overload the digestive system is unacceptable.

So, permissible use such dishes:

  • vegetable soups or cooked on water ("light" vegetables are considered zucchini, potatoes, onions, beets and carrots) – grind in puree;
  • boiled vegetables, pasta, omelet (it is undesirable to abuse potatoes, because it contains a lot of starch);
  • lean fish and meat (rabbit, hake and others);
  • porridge, for the preparation of which it is recommended to use buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, semolina;
  • dairy products (should prefer kefir, natural yogurt, milk with low percentage fat);
  • sweets (honey, marshmallows);
  • berries and fruits (oranges, strawberries, tangerines, raspberries, peaches).

Diet after removal of Appendix: permitted and forbidden foods

Of the drinks it will be useful to choose a decoction of rose hips or green tea. Allowed the use of a jelly prepared from the fruit.

Note: the Diet for adult patients is not much different from the diet for children in the rehabilitation period. The main condition for all patients – easily digestible food that is suitable for a weakened body.

It is Recommended to pay special attention to the diet after peritonitis. The rehabilitation period after it is more difficult and longer. At this time, it is desirable to give preference to soups without adding potatoes, you can eat porridge. It is also important to provide the body with the required amount of vitamins that contribute to its speedy recovery.

In phlegmonous appendicitis food should also be limited. In this case, it allowed to consume cheese, soups and cereals in liquid form. Thanks to the steamed vegetables it is possible to accelerate the process of wound healing. It is necessary to give preference to easily digestible dishes. If you do not follow a proper diet, complications are not excluded.

Diet after removal of Appendix: permitted and forbidden foods

What not to eat after surgery for appendicitis?

In Addition to the products recommended for use, the doctor should point to those that should be treated with caution. It is desirable to remember this list, because the observance of proper nutrition in the postoperative period is the key to the final recovery. It is strictly forbidden to eat spicy and smoked dishes, salted and pickled food, canned food, products with a high capacity of salt, sauces and seasonings, vinegar. It is undesirable to cook pea soup, lean on flour products. From the fruit falls under the ban grapes, pears and nectarine, because they have a lot the sahara.

Naturally, no fast food and semi-finished products, which have a negative impact even on a healthy body.

Menu by day of the week

Considering the features of the diet after surgery to remove appendicitis, it is worth considering the menu at the rate of a week.

Monday Breakfast Weak, slightly sweetened tea, one biscuit cookies, allowed to eat some marshmallows (but do not abuse them)
Second Breakfast For lunch, you can drink tea or water (you can a small amount of diluted juice)
Lunch For lunch it is allowed to use chicken broth (fillet is used for cooking), porridge on water without adding butter or vegetable oil, slightly sweetened tea or non-carbonated mineral water.
afternoon Snack As an afternoon snack you can drink juice, water or tea
Dinner in the Evening permitted eat yoghurt (natural) with small percentage of fat content, dry biscuits, tea
Tuesday Breakfast in the Morning it is necessary to cook porridge on the water without adding salt and oil (buckwheat, barley or oatmeal), slightly sweetened tea and dry cookies or bran
Second Breakfast Juice or still water
Lunch Soup (low-fat meat and some potatoes are used), cabbage in stewed form without tomato, boiled chicken fillet (small piece), tea or non-carbonated water
afternoon Snack Natural yoghurt with little fat content
Dinner in the Evening you can cook porridge on the water without adding fat (you can use any cereal), fat-free yogurt
Wednesday Breakfast Oat nut cereal (you can add a bit of salt), croutons with tea
Second Breakfast Juice or sparkling water (allowed to eat some cookies)
Lunch Day – broth, cooked on fillet birds (can be to leave in it several small pieces of meat), rice gruel on water (a bit of salt) without butter, juice
afternoon Snack Jelly or yogurt with a small percentage fat
Dinner Porridge of oat flakes, a small piece of fish boiled, tea or still water
Thursday Breakfast For Breakfast you should cook the oatmeal without milk and butter, add a little salt, eat a slice of bread, cheese, slightly sweetened tea
Snack V as a snack suitable biscuits, juice
Lunch the Day you can prepare the soup with vegetable broth (no butter), porridge (made from buckwheat) and a steam cutlets, stewed fruit, bread (preferably rye)
afternoon Snack a Second snack – pudding or natural yoghurt
Dinner Dinner can be stewed cabbage, small the amount of boiled chicken meat, low-fat kefir
Friday Breakfast As Breakfast - wheat milk-free porridge (you can put a small piece of butter), a little sweetened tea, biscuits
Snack For a snack - natural juice and cookies
Lunch Lunch can be chicken broth with potatoes, rice and vegetables, pumpkin porridge with steamed fish cutlets, compote or tea, rye bread
afternoon Snack Jelly or natural yoghurt with a small amount of fat content
Dinner Dinner buckwheat with no added milk with a little salt (you can put a bit of butter), burgers for a couple, biscuits and tea
Saturday Breakfast Morning begins with buckwheat porridge on water (add a small amount of butter), cheese with a slice of loaf, tea
Snack As a second Breakfast – juice and biscuits (can be replaced with still water)
Lunch Day – mashed soup, cooked on the basis of vegetables and chicken broth, stewed cabbage (you can add a small piece of chicken meat) without tomato, tea and rye bread
afternoon Snack Second snack – kissel or natural yogurt with a low percentage of fat
Dinner Evening – cottage cheese casserole (without adding sour cream), a slice of loaf or cookies with tea
Sunday Breakfast in the morning you can cook millet porridge with the addition of a small amount of butter, cooked with water, tea, baked Apple
Snack Fresh juice, tea or water without gas
Lunch in the Afternoon it is recommended to cook chicken soup with pieces of meat and vegetables, porridge any cereals, steam meatballs, eat a slice of bread and drink tea
afternoon Snack For the second snack you should choose yogurt and cookies
Dinner a piece of cheese, a loaf, natural yogurt and tea is suitable For dinner

Note: the Main thing to follow during the diet after surgery is to exclude the use of salt in the early days and to limit their amount in the future. It is not recommended to use milk and beans for cooking for a month after the operation. Strict restrictions apply to spices and spicy food.

Diet after removal of Appendix: permitted and forbidden foods

After surgery, when appendicitis is removed, possible abscess, bloating, inflammation, fever, and therefore need proper care and nutrition, and drink antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, and get tested. It is desirable that the menu was compiled by a doctor. In addition to the General requirements, he will take into account the individual characteristics of each patient's body, study the history of the disease and so on. No matter how the diet is made, it is necessary to use more foods with a high content of vitamins that will help to move the postoperative period easier. But this does not mean that you need to lean on fresh fruit, because they tend to increase gas formation in the intestine, which have a negative impact on the body during this period. Forbidden products should be excluded for at least two weeks. The body will be easier if the products before use to grind.

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